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Hello and welcome again to our International Plant Sales blog. This week’s hot topic is telehandlers and why you might choose to buy a telehandler.

For those of you who may not be familiar with telehandlers, you may be questioning what is it and why do I need one for my plant, agricultural or construction needs?

Firstly, a telehandler can also be referred to as a teleporter or a boom lift, and you may have heard these words during your time in the industry.

A telehandler is essentially a telescopic fork truck. Telehandlers have a telescopic cylinder which means that the machine can be used more as a crane and at the end of that crane, the operator can use various digger attachments such as buckets and forks, as well as bespoke digger attachments.

A telehandler is what you would need to use on a construction site, as opposed to a forklift. The robustness of the machine means it is perfect for using on a motorway, busy construction site or in farming.

In the agricultural world, a telehandler can fulfil many uses such as carrying large barrels of hay, moving them to desired locations and stacking them on top of each other. You could also use a telehandler for picking up large amounts of animal dung and moving it, as well as large amounts of earth.

Telehandlers can accommodate large bucket attachments, which are perfect for lifting, moving and off-loading large amounts of gravel or sand. On a construction site, the telehandler can lift pallets of bricks, large sand bags, metal rods, planks of wood, and so much more to the top of a building.

There are various manufacturers of telehandlers, however at International Plant Sales, formerly BuyADigger, we usually sell and currently have in stock JCB telehandler machines and Manitou telehandler machines. So what’s the difference, I hear you ask?


If you want to buy a telehandler, you will have peace of mind knowing that the JCB telehandlers are the market leader. 1 in 3 telehandlers sold in the world is a JCB and here we will outline the reasons for why this is the case.

First of all, let’s look at one of our biggest selling JCB machines at International Plant Sales, this is the JCB 540-170, a 9000 lb machine with a 23 foot discharge height. It also has the unique JCB vertically integrated powertrain. This particular model of JCB machine has the JCB Ecomax engine at 109 horsepower. In addition, this machine has no diesel filter and no ad-blue is required.

We then move on to the JCB 540-200, which is the largest reach JCB telescopic telehandler ever produced and again is one that we have available for sale at International Plant Sales. This particular machine is also the largest rigid telescopic handler available within Europe.

It has a maximum lift height of 20 meters, which is 3 metres more than the next machine down the line. This machine can deliver a full 1500 load to its maximum reach. To deal with the increased lift heights and to enable the operator to reach full capacity and full height, the machine has a slightly extended stabiliser leg mount, compared to other JCB telehandler machines in the line. It is also significantly wider in terms of its footprint, further enhancing both forward and lateral stability.

There is a 5-stage boom design with this particular machine model and the reason for this is to achieve the lift ability and maintain the compactness of the machine, which is made of a lighter but much higher grade of steel, therefore allowing the maximum lift height capacity in the front of the machine. The 5-stage boom design on the JCB 540-200 has an internal extension ram combined with chain extension, this is perfect for providing proportionate extension of all five boom sections simultaneously.

Unique to JCB’s is that they have a single piece boom design on their telehandlers, this is because they have kept the U-pressing on to a closing plate, therefore reducing the stresses in the boom nose by dissipating them to less concentrated areas. This further enhances maximum strength and durability. JCB telehandlers are renowned in the industry for being very strong structurally, as the way the boom and chassis is designed ensures optimal strength. All of the JCB machines are built with comfort for the operator in mind, as well as ensuring higher productivity, excellent fuel economy and most importantly outstanding safety.

If you wish to buy a telehandler, IPS currently have the following JCB telehandlers for sale.


Manitou first began in 1958 and is a healthy plant and agricultural manufacturer with years of experience under their belt. Affiliated with brands such as both Toyota and Yanmar, Manitou is becoming a force to be reckoned with, as they continue to sell quality machines all over the world.

The company focus their attention solely on designing and manufacturing telehandlers, forklift trucks, forklifts, and loaders meaning they never shy away from their core business, hence they fully know and understand their customers requirements.

Manitou customers especially like the cab design of the Manitou machines, as the step into the cab allows for comfortable and easy access. In addition the cab has a joystick mounted armrest in most Manitou telehandler machines. As well as a curved windscreen for optimal viewing, further enhancing the operators efficiency whilst using the machine.

Manitou customers especially like the cab design of the Manitou machines, as the step into the cab allows for comfortable and easy access. In addition the cab has a joystick mounted armrest in most Manitou telehandler machines. As well as a curved windscreen for optimal viewing, further enhancing the operators efficiency whilst using the machine.

The Manitou MT625T model has a lifting height of 19.5ft and a lifting capacity of 5,500 lbs. It also has reverse fans meaning dirt and hay for example does not cling to the machine and impair viewing for the operator (a nice feature).

Customers looking to purchase a Manitou telehandler will be happy to know that there are multiple steering options including crab steering, 2-wheel steering and 4-wheel steering. This is perfect for ensuring the operator can get around those tight corners easily.

If you wish to buy a telehandler, International Plant Sales, currently have the following Manitou telehandlers for sale.


If you wish to buy a telehandler, whether that be a JCB telehandler or a Manitou telehandler, speak to the team at International Plant Sales. There are various machine types, models and variously aged machines ranging from 2 to 5 years old.

When buying from International Plant Sales, you have peace of mind that the machines are usually only a few years old and come from one owner.

International Plant Sales is part of the H. E. Group, whereby machines are bought new every three years or so. The machines are used by either H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd or Diggerland Adventure Theme Parks and once used for a few years, are then sold on to buyers within the UK and around the world.

Our team will be more than happy to send you photographs and videos of the machine in stock. You may also come and meet the team and see the machines available for sale in person. In addition, you may visit the H. E. Services Strood depot, as well as the local Diggerland park, if you so wish to see for yourself how the machines we are selling are used prior to being sold.

All International Plant Sales machines come with a warranty, which starts from the date the machine is collected, and covers any major components. Further information regarding our warranty service can be viewed here: FAQs.

For further information, to view our most up to date machine list or to buy a digger, including the telehandlers for sale, please contact us.

All information correct as of: 16th May 2019.

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