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Welcome to our latest International Plant Sales, formerly BuyADigger blog. This week our focus is on ‘Why Buy A Dumper’. There are various reasons why you may require a site dumper or a dumper truck for your construction needs, and here we will explain the differences between a site dumper and a dumper truck, as well as the various makes and models available to purchase.


Most of you visiting our website will already know what a dumper is, however for those of you who are new to construction machinery, we will firstly explain what 

used plant machinery

the machine is, what it is used for and why you may need one.

A dumper is a construction vehicle used for carrying heavy loads such as bulk material. This could include anything from rubble, dirt, cement bags, the list goes on including all types of earth-moving and excavating material. Dumpers are usually 4-wheeled drive construction vehicles with a skip either on the front or rear of the machine. The driver either sits in a cab, which would most likely be the case with a dumper truck, or with a site dumper the driver would sit at the rear of the machine up high and not in a cab.

You may need to buy a dumper to assist with carrying heavy loads and moving them around the construction site. They are great machines for back-filling trenches, or loading trucks and skips. Most buyers would buy a dumper and use it for excavations, site preparation, road and rail-works, landscaping, and pipe laying to name a few.


Perfect for most construction projects on most construction sites. You will usually see a site dumper on a road side, motorway or housing construction site. They are great for smaller spaces whereby construction material needs moving.


Perfect for industrial use when needing to move large quantities of sand, gravel, demolition waste, wood chips, salt etc. An excavator with a large bucket attachment can easily scoop out of the back of a dump truck skip without touching or damaging the sides, as the width of the skip is much larger than that of a site dumper.


Thwaites Dumpers are internationally recognised as being world leaders in the earth moving industry. Thwaites specialise in manufacturing only dumpers and therefore are in a class of their own, unlike other manufacturers that have multiple classes of machines. When you look to buy a dumper you will have peace of mind from the Thwaites brand, that the machine has had a lot of time and energy put into ensuring the dumper is well-designed and has had the best technological engineering put into it.

Designed and built in the UK, Thwaites have been manufacturing dumpers since 1951 and through their intensive and ongoing research and development, the Thwaites dumpers are high-tech, all-terrain vehicles built to tackle the most challenging work types.

Thwaites dumpers come with many features including:

  • Articulated 4 wheel-drive capability.
  • The Kinglink Invention, a revolutionary 3-point linkage between the front and rear chassi providing articulation and oscillation between the central pivot point which incorporated in all of the Thwaites 4 wheel-drive machines.
  • Hi-tip on certain dumpers in the range, perfect for meeting road requirements and tight access sites.
  • 180 degree swivel skip technology.
  • Fuel efficient, low-emission diesel engines.
  • Manual, hydrostatic, powershift or powershuttle transmissions.
  • Easy to master controls which can be easily managed by anyone, without the need for special qualifications.
  • An automatic safety lock, holding the skip in a central position when travelling.

Types of Thwaites dumpers:

  • Micro – perfect for small jobs in smaller spaces.
  • 3 tonne – ability to lift the skip and load 1995mm into the air before tipping.
  • 6 tonne – comes with the option of an air conditioned cabin, perfect for busy construction sites.
  • 9 tonne – for serious heavy lifting.

International Plant Sales have the following Mecalac site dumpers available for purchase:


Hydrema dumpers are manufactured in Denmark, and the company has been in operation since the mid 1980s.

Focusing on designing and manufacturing an array of construction machinery, Hydrema are renowned for their high-technology dump trucks, excavators and in particular their military equipment. Good enough for the military to use, Hydrema pride themselves on ensuring their machines are of the highest quality and durability, especially when supplying to the Danish Armed Forces.

Time and time again our customers tell us that Hydrema dumper trucks have excellent stability and handling functionality. The great thing about these machines is that the weight is automatically transferred to where it is needed using the centre pivot and hydraulic stabilizers. Further ensuring the machine is stable and safe, Hydrema designed their chassis’ to ensure all wheels constantly stay on the ground, which ensures excellent traction and minimal damage to the ground surface. Another point our customers often raise is that Hydrema machines are great for working in ground conditions that are demanding due to either climate or the surface in general.

Hydrema pride themselves on reliability and that can be seen across the plant hire and construction industry. The machines are renowned for their robustness and really do keep on going, giving the customer peace of mind that they will receive many years of solid performance.



If you wish to buy a dumper, whether that be a site dumper or a dumper truck, speak to the team at International Plant Sales.

International Plant Sales have various machines including site dumpers and dumper trucks for sale including Terex, Thwaites, Yanmar and Hydrema. When buying from International Plant Sales, you have peace of mind that the machines are usually only a few years old and come from one owner.

International Plant Sales is part of the H. E. Group, whereby machines are bought new every three years or so. The machines are used by either H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd or Diggerland Adventure Theme Parks and once used for a few years, are then sold on to buyers within the UK and around the world.

Our team will be more than happy to send you photographs and videos of the machine in stock. You may also come and meet the team and see the machines available for sale in person. In addition, you may visit the H. E. Services Strood depot, as well as the local Diggerland park, if you so wish to see for yourself how the machines we are selling are used prior to being sold.

All International Plant Sales machines come with a warranty, which starts from the date the machine is collected, and covers any major components. Further information regarding our warranty service can be viewed here: FAQs.

For further information, to view our most up to date machine list or IPS, including the Dumpers for sale, please contact mail@ipsplant.com

All information correct as of: 10th May 2019.

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