How is the housing market changing and why you need to buy more plant machinery

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The worldwide pandemic may have stopped most other sectors from operating, but certainly not construction. With various changes to the housing market, you could say business is booming, especially for construction companies. 

According to the Ministry of Housing, data from 2020 has shown that the construction of homes reached numbers that haven’t been seen in over three decades. After building 243,000 homes in 2019 to 2020, house building will now play an important role in England’s building back up our economy from COVID-19. Is it time to start investing in some new plant machinery for your fleet?


It doesn’t seem that long ago since Boris Johnson announced the latest government scheme to kickstart the economy. In fact, it was July 2020 when it was revealed that a 12 billion pound affordable home scheme would be introduced to allow more first time buyers to get on the property ladder.

Since then 2021 has been a year full of housing announcements and it’s only March!

5% deposits

Yes that’s right, 5% deposits are making a comeback. Once again home movers will have access to 95% mortgages, and will only require a 5% deposit of the property value. The mortgage market practically dried up during the first lockdown, as companies were not willing to offer mortgages with the financial uncertainty. The scheme will be partly backed by the government, which is similar to the Help to Buy Government scheme which ran from 2013 – 2017. 5% deposits will allow more home movers to obtain a property without struggling to reach a hefty 10% deposit. 

Stamp duty extension

Stamp duty allows households to move without paying the additional fees on top of buying a property. A stamp duty holiday was announced, and was due to finish on 31st March. However to keep the economy going and families moving, this has now been extended until the end of June. The extension is likely to see a huge increase of families looking to move, especially as covid restrictions ease. New build housing sites will be exceptionally popular due to the additional savings that are available for first time buyers.


Now you know how the industry is changing, now let’s get down to business, plant machinery. 

It is important to consider what tasks need to be completed, the size of the machine required, and whether one type of machine can actually be used productively to do a multitude of jobs. 


Of course, the first essential type of plant machinery is an excavator. Holes will need to be dug for the foundations to be laid, dirt will need to be lifted into a dumper to be disposed of, and potentially lifting materials too. We would also recommend thinking about whether it would be better to use a machine with steel tracks or roadliner pads for grip and traction.

Dumper trucks

If you’re looking to buy a dumper to be used on a housing construction site, then the name says it all. Dumping materials into the skip of a dump truck will enable the site to be cleared quickly and efficiently.


Telehandlers will be an efficient type of plant equipment to have on any building site. Not only can they extend their arm and reach heights, they can also double up as a forklift when the right attachment is used. How handy!


If you work closely with the building firms to erect new homes, then you’ll be sure to find an increase in your workload. Therefore additional plant machinery may be required to keep up with demand. Here at International Plant Sales we stock a range of used construction machinery from brands including JCB, Komatsu, Manitou, Ammann, Terex and Thwaites to name a few. We currently have the following machinery for sale:

Excavators for sale – Komatsu and Liugong

  • PC26 MR-3
  • PC55 MR-3
  • PC138 US-10 – Steel tracks and roadliner pads
  • PC210 LC-10
  • PC360 LC-10
  • PC490 LC-10
  • Liugong 922E
  • PC210 SLF
  • PC360 SLF

Telehandlers for sale – JCB and Manitou

Dumpers for sale

View our website to view all of our second hand excavators and other plant equipment for sale. Alternatively, please email us and we can send you a copy of our stock list. 

All information correct as of: 24th March 2021. 

Komatsu PC55 for sale


Have you thought about making your machines incredibly versatile to complete most tasks? Investing in the right plant accessories and attachments can increase productivity and reduce downtime of machines. Not to mention the money you can save. We work closely with our sister company Masterhitch Europe Ltd to create high quality and affordable attachments for construction companies.

Masterhitch are leaders in the design and creation of plant attachments for construction and demolition purposes. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke bucket, or pallet forks to fit your excavators and telehandlers, then they are the experts for the job. When you contact us for a quote on a machine, feel free to ask about any plant accessories too, we would be happy to assist.


Buying plant machinery shouldn’t be a hard task. Here at International Plant Sales, we make the process simple. With a team of industry experts we can advise you of the best machine for the task at hand. Our customers love buying plant machinery from us as we can offer the following benefits:

  • Machines with low hours
  • One previous owner
  • All machinery is in fantastic condition
  • Worldwide delivery available upon request
  • A warranty on all major parts and components
  • Machines come with a manufacturer’s service history

If you’re looking to expand your fleet in line with the latest changes to the housing sector and government announcement, contact a member of the team today via email or WhatsApp for a quote. Give us a call on: 01634 779123 to arrange a virtual meeting until we are able to welcome customers to view machines in person.

All information correct as of: 24th March 2021. 

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