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Backhoe loaders can be seen on pretty much every construction site you pass. They are versatile and cost effective machines that will enable an operator to carry out various different jobs. This week we take a look inside the cab of a JCB 3CX, one of the most well known manufacturers of backhoe loaders. Find out the sort of tasks that can be performed and if you’re looking to buy a JCB then we may have the perfect machine for sale.


JCB has a reputation for providing quality products to customers all over the world, and have been in the plant business since 1945. Joseph Cyril Bamford founded JCB right here in the UK. 

In 1953, JCB released the first global backhoe loader, bringing hydraulic power to the construction world. A range of JCB excavators were also introduced to the market, and these two types of plant equipment were the main sellers for JCB. In 1979, the first telehandler for sale was announced. 

If you want to buy a JCB, you will have peace of mind knowing that JCB is a British multinational corporation. With more than 750 dealers around the world, located in four different continents, they are an industry leader when it comes to backhoe loaders.

So, let’s find out what a backhoe loader can be used for…


A backhoe loader is a type of plant equipment that all companies should consider having on site.

They were originally adapted from the design of a tractor, but they are equipped with a front loader bucket and a backhoe attachment at the rear. Two buckets, twice the amount of possibilities! The reason they are so popular is that various attachments such as a breaker or an auger can be added in place of the backhoe attachment. Allowing more tasks to be completed without needed to switch machinery.

They are often used for the following tasks:

  • Backfilling
  • Transporting materials
  • Digging
  • Landscaping projects
  • Small scale demolition work

If you want to increase productivity when on site, then the backhoe loader is the perfect choice. 


The JCB 3CX isn’t just a powerful machine that offers an easy way of getting jobs done, it also comes with numerous features that will ensure efficiency and productivity. Get to grips with a backhoe loader and get behind the wheel of this 55kWh machine.

Operator comfort

The cab of a JCB 3CX is very spacious. Visibility has clearly been thought about when designing the 3CX. Large windows to the front and sides will enable the operator to see around with little obstruction. All from the comfort of an ergonomic seat!

The single-piece cab floor is rust proof, so operators do not have to worry about certain materials ruining the inside of the cab.


Firstly, upon entry to the cab, operators have anti-slip steps to ensure a safe entry. Operating a JCB 3CX can be tricky if the driver hasn’t had any experience with larger vehicles. Operating on site can incur damage to any part of the backhoe loader, and JCB have done their best to safeguard what they can. All 3CXs are now fitted with rear light guards.

The JCB 3CX is also fitted with a Thatcham-approved security system, which means that operators can benefit from lower insurance premiums. 

To help operators start work quickly and safely, the 3CX has optional heated front screens to remove and clear any frosty. The read screen is also impact-protected, providing additional safety when powered attachments are in use.

Lastly, there is also plenty of storage space to keep your work area organised. 


There are various different transmission options with a JCB 3CX backhoe:

  • 4 speed power shift intermission
  • 4 speed power shift intermission (with torque lock)
  • 6 speed auto shift transmission with torque lock

JCB also offers 3 types of controls for the operator to use inside the cab: Advance easy control Easy control Standard SAE backhoe controls.

jcb 3cx
jcb 3cx


If you wish to buy a JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader, speak to the team at Buy A Digger.

When buying from IPS, you have peace of mind that the machines are usually only a few years old and have one previous owner.

Customers buying used construction machinery from us will benefit from:

  • Warranty that will begin from the day the machine is collected or delivered. This will cover any major parts and components.
  • All of our machines come with a manufacturer’s service history.
  • We will repair and replace any parts that are damaged, leaving our customers with machines that are practically brand new.
  • Our machines are bought for our sister companies, Diggerland and H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd, and are only used as and when they are needed, so they have relatively low hours on. 
  • We can offer international shipping for all of our machines. Skip the hassle of organising VAT paperwork and let us do the hard work for you.

To view our most up to date stock list, please visit our website, or contact us at: or by calling: 01634 779123.

All information correct as of: 6th April 2021. 

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