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Monday 23rd March marks the day that everything around the UK including construction, came crashing to a halt due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Only recently have most companies began operating again, and construction is once again underway, with some exciting new plans. What are these plans we hear you ask?


Boris Johnson revealed the latest government announcement to kick start the economy in terms of housing. It was revealed that a 12 billion pound affordable home scheme would be introduced, which would aim to support up to 180,000 new build homes. 

A new regulation has also been changed to allow buildings and land located in and around town centres, to be built on and improved without the need for planning permission. As we hear of Bella Italia, Cafe Rouge, Debenhams and other high street stores that have unfortunately had to close some branches permanently, these buildings will not be going to waste. Instead of seeing numerous empty buildings, where businesses once operated, new homes will be built on the old premises in a bid to build easier and better homes and other services for local residents.

Along with an affordable scheme, small building companies will be given extra funding for housing developments equating to 450 million pounds.

It’s not just first-time buyers that will be benefiting from the latest announcement. Schools have been given a one billion pound fund for repairs and any required upgrades. 

For all the green fingers out there, it won’t just be building after building, the government has vowed to plant 30,000 hectares of trees for the environment. That’s going to require a lot of landscapers and machinery!


Affordable houses and flats will be built around the UK. These properties will be no different to standard housing other than the 30% discount that will be applied to them for the benefit of first-time buyers.

The advantage of the affordable housing scheme means that when the house is then resold on, the next buyer will gain the 30% discount as well. Therefore, housing should become more affordable for first-time buyers and following buyers for years to come.

For construction companies involved in the process of building these new homes, they will find the need for an increase of plant equipment on their fleet. Most companies will not have available diggers and construction machinery readily available, which is where we come in handy.


Here at International Plant Sales, we have a range of plant equipment available to purchase. From excavators to dumper trucks, we will have construction equipment to suit the needs of the construction companies.


We have a range of Komatsu mini diggers for sale, that would be ideal for a construction site. Mini diggers are extremely in demand due to their versatility and size. They are great for removing tree stumps, landscaping projects and digging trenches along with a multitude of other uses. The following Komatsu mini and midi diggers are available to buy:


Choose from tracked excavators fitted with steel tracks or roadliner pads when you buy plant equipment from us.

Tracked excavators would be a perfect addition to any construction site, especially when it comes to housing. Before any foundations have been laid, the ground can be uneven and harsh, a tracked excavator will undergo any work with ease.

Whether you want to opt for steel tracks, that will allow the operator to gain more traction to the surface, or roadliner pads that will guarantee the comfort of the operator, we have the machine for you.

Our customers have the choice of:


Telehandlers are another advantageous type of plant equipment to have on a housing site. With the endless list of tasks that can be completed with a telehandler, you could save yourself time and money.

Here at IPS, we stock two big brands offering Telehandlers, JCB & Manitou, both in various sizes:



Telehandlers are handy for quickly moving pallets, concrete, packaged goods and even timber. With the right attachments a telehandler could be used for other uses.


We work very closely with our sister company Masterhitch Europe Ltd, who are also part of H.E. Group.

They bespoke manufacture high quality digger attachments and buckets to fit all types of machinery. Additionally, Masterhitch can also offer their own quick hitches, Brokk attachment and ram guard replacements for plant equipment.

If you’re looking for any bespoke attachments to further develop your plant equipment on a construction site then Masterhitch will create something to assist with any construction project.


Buying second hand plant equipment shouldn’t be complex, so here at IPS we make the process simple.

All of our construction machinery benefits from the following:

  • Low hours
  • One previous Owner
  • Excellent condition
  • Delivery available upon request
  • Warranty on all major components

If you’re looking to expand your fleet in line with the latest government announcement, contact a member of the team today via email or WhatsApp for a quote.

All information correct as of: 6th July 2020. 

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