Top Tips for Safely Operating Used Diggers

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Here at International Plant Sales we understand the importance of safety when it comes to operating used diggers. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a first-time buyer, ensuring the safe operation of these powerful machines is crucial. In this blog post, we will provide you with valuable tips and guidance to ensure your safety while operating plant machinery. So, let’s dive in and explore the key aspects you need to keep in mind when using these machines.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance for Used Diggers:

Regular maintenance is vital for the safe operation of used diggers. Before looking at a used digger for sale, make sure to thoroughly inspect its maintenance records. Look for evidence of regular servicing and repairs. Ensuring that all parts are in good working condition will reduce the risk of unexpected malfunctions during operation. At International Plant Sales, we prioritise offering well-maintained and reliable used construction machinery to provide peace of mind to our customers. We always sell our used plant machinery with low hours, only one previous owner, and with a warranty.

Mastering the Controls:


When operating a mini digger, familiarise yourself with the controls and practise operating them before starting any digging tasks. Understanding the functions of each lever and button will enhance your efficiency and safety. Additionally, consider investing in training courses specific to the model you purchase. These courses can equip you with the necessary skills to operate mini diggers confidently, maximising your productivity while minimising the risk of accidents. We recommend the Diggerland Plant Training School for all the ideal courses that ensure you can be safe and confident when getting into your used hand diggers! They have sites across the UK, meaning it is accessible for anyone and everyone.

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Safety Measures for Electric Diggers and Telehandlers for Sale:

Electric diggers and telehandlers are becoming increasingly popular due to their environmental benefits. When operating these used diggers, it’s crucial to prioritise safety. Ensure that all electrical connections are secure and properly insulated. Familiarise yourself with the unique features and safety protocols specific to electric diggers. When handling telehandlers, be mindful of the load capacity limits and ensure the stability of the boom. By following these precautions, you can operate electric diggers and telehandlers safely and efficiently.

Best Practices for Operating Plant Machinery:

When using plant machinery, including road rollers and other heavy equipment, always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes high-visibility clothing, hard hats, safety boots, and gloves. Maintain a safe distance from other workers and bystanders, and be vigilant of any potential hazards in the working environment. Regularly inspect your used diggers for any signs of wear or damage, and report any concerns to the appropriate personnel. Prioritising safety in every aspect of plant machinery operation will ensure a secure and productive working environment.

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Operatingused diggers can be a rewarding and efficient way to tackle construction projects. However, safety should always be the top priority. By following the tips outlined in this blog post, such as ensuring proper maintenance, mastering the controls, and implementing safety measures, you can confidently operate your used mini diggers, used excavators, or any used plant machinery, without compromising your well-being. At IPS, we aim to provide you with high-quality used plant machinery, supporting your construction needs while prioritising safety every step of the way. Stay safe and productive in your digger operations!

Here at IPS, we strive to ensure out customers are set for the future. We currently have a great selection of ex-fleet plant machinery available to buy now, all with only one previous owner and less than 4000 hours on the clock. 

When you buy any used construction machinery from International Plant Sales, you’ll have the added benefits of:

  • Worldwide shipping available
  • Warranty included on all machine sales
  • Machinery is fully refurbished by The Finishing Touch prior to sale

If you have any questions about our machines or would like a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.



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