Tracked excavators for sale – Why should you buy a Komatsu PC138?

buy a komatsu pc138 - komatsu diggers for sale

Tracked excavators are currently dominating the construction industry, and making up the largest volume of excavators on the market. We look into why this is the case, as well as look at tracked excavators for sale here at International Plant Sales.

Why should you choose a Komatsu PC138 tracked excavator?

What’s so special about a Komatsu PC138 tracked excavator we hear you ask? 

With plenty of choice when it comes to construction machinery, it’s time consuming selecting a brand of machinery, let alone the size of machinery required. 

A 13 tonne excavator is commonly seen on sites, so the popular Komatsu PC138 is a very good choice! 

They are incredibly useful for:

  • Working in confined areas/spaces
  • Completing work directly on the roadside
  • Working on rough and uneven terrain, as well as climbing up steep hills safely

When it comes to selecting a suitable excavator, picking a machine too small that doesn’t have the correct functionality will prevent the job being done efficiently. Choosing a large machine could mean it isn’t the correct fit for the job at hand.As they say size doesn’t always matter, and you should also take into consideration:


Depth is a huge factor when selecting machinery to buy. Although a Komatsu PC26 can be handy, the reach on the digger arm just isn’t going to cut it. A Komatsu PC138 US-10 has a maximum reach of 5.9m making it perfect for landscaping and other larger projects.

Bucket Size

If a project requires material to be moved, companies would have a timescale in mind when they would like to have it done by. Moving a large amount of material will require large buckets and attachments to achieve this. Making sure the excavator is large enough to equip the required bucket size is another important factor to think about.

Larger tracked excavators not only offer more power and reach than standard sized machinery, they’re also fitted with hydraulic systems that will make them capable of handling larger plant attachments.

Lifting Capacity

When we think of lifting capacity, we think of the power of the machine. What we don’t realise is that an excavator needs an adequate counterweight, which acts as an anchor.

Steel Tracks or Roadliner Pads?

Here at International Plant Sales we stock a range of tracked excavators for sale, including Komatsu PC138s with steel tracks and roadliner pads. What would you require? Depending on the type of project, it will depend on the type of tracks needed. Luckily, both sets of tracks are versatile, but there are advantages to using both of them.

Steel Tracks

Steel tracks are made using high quality steel. They are fitted to the excavator and work on a loop cycle when the machine moves. The benefit of using steel tracks will allow the operator to move over areas containing gravel, and other loose ground surfaces. They will also provide more traction and stability, which will be beneficial for a construction site. With every advantage comes a disadvantage which is the pricing. Steel tracks are generally more expensive to maintain and replace, although they do last up to twice the amount of time in comparison to rubber roadliner pads.

Roadliner Pads

Roadliner pads are made of rubber and bolted onto the tracks of the excavator. They are designed for protecting the machine and are incredibly durable. If you want to buy a tracked excavator for sale for landscaping or roadside work, using roadliner pads will protect the surface and stop them from being damaged. If an operator is on site for long periods of time, it makes sense to buy a tracked excavator with roadliner pads just for the increased comfort. 

Tracked excavators for sale at International Plant Sales

Here at IPS we have a large variety of Komatsu PC138s that vary in age, hours and track type. If you aren’t completely satisfied with a Komatsu PC138 or a larger digger, we do have some alternatives for you, including:

We know that the price will increase as the size of the excavator does, which is why a large portion of the target market are choosing to buy second hand diggers from trusted suppliers instead. 

About Masterhitch Europe Ltd

Masterhitch Europe Ltd are also part of the H.E. Group. They are leading manufacturers of bespoke attachments and buckets for construction machinery. They can also provide bespoke services such as welding, profile cutting and bucket repairs and rehangs. 

If you’re looking at tracked excavators for sale and want some digger attachments to partner with it, we can give you a quote for these and Masterhitch can create these to match your requirements.

Why should you buy a digger from us?

If you are interested in purchasing any of our tracked excavators for sale then speak to the team at IPS today via email or give us a call on: 01634 779123. 

You will have peace of mind knowing that all of our used construction machinery benefit from the following:

  • Comes with a manufacturer’s service history
  • Warranty on all major parts and components
  • International Delivery is available if required
  • Low hours

If you want to keep up to date with the new machinery added to our stock list, then you can sign up to our weekly newsletter here.

All information correct as of: 3rd August 2020.

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