Diggers for sale as Diggerland Devon closes

Diggers for sale at Diggerland Devon

Welcome back to our latest Digger News post, here at International Plant Sales! This week our focus is on the machines and diggers for sale due to the closure of Diggerland Devon.

We specialise in used plant machinery sales and all of our machines were previously used at Diggerland theme parks. As the machines have never been used on a construction site, they are in brilliant condition and have low working hours. We offer a wide range of machines, including mini diggers, tracked excavators and backhoe loaders.


If you haven’t already experienced our sister company, Diggerland, then you’re missing out! Diggerland is the UK’s ultimate theme park experience where both children and adults can drive and operate diggers, dumpers and other construction machinery. Visitors can get to grips with JCB and Komatsu excavators at their Kent, Durham and Yorkshire parks.

In addition to these three parks, Diggerland also used to have a park located in Cullompton, Devon. Unfortunately, Diggerland Devon was forced to close earlier this month due to the impacts of Covid-19. While it is disappointing that the park closed, it does mean that we have used construction equipment for sale!



Mini diggers for sale

Mini diggers operate as regular excavators would. They are given the name ‘mini’ due to their compact size, however this doesn’t make them any less valuable! In fact, mini diggers can sometimes be more efficient than their larger counterparts.

These machines are in huge demand as they’re able to work in a variety of places, including ones in which standard size excavators would not fit. Due to their size, most companies will have at least one mini digger within their fleet. 

They’re great for digging and filling holes, removing tree stumps, digging trenches and general landscaping. After being used at Diggerland Devon we have a range of Komatsu diggers for sale including PC26s and PC55s. 

However, we actually have a much larger variety of mini diggers for sale. You can check them out here

Tracked excavators 

Excavators in general are a great asset to any construction site or project! Tracked excavators, also known as trackhoes, differ from traditional excavators as they have an added tracking system in place of wheels. These tracks provide the machine with better resistance and grip.

This means they’re great when working on uneven terrain. Tracked excavators are commonly used during forestry clearing and demolition projects. They’re also a brilliant addition for general landscaping jobs.

Previously used on Diggerland’s Spindizzy ride, we have a couple of different  tracked excavators available, including the Komatsu PC210 LC-10. A variety of  Komatsu PC138 US-10s were also used on site to carry out any work. 

Dumper trucks for sale

A dumper truck is a construction vehicle designed to shunt heavy loads on working sites.

This could be anything from rubble, dirt and cement. The variety offered by a dumper truck is brilliant as you can literally use it for whatever you need.

These trucks are usually four-wheel drive vehicles with a skip on the front of the machine. The operator can sit in the cab and operate it entirely from inside, or behind the skip.

While you may need a dumper to move heavy loads around the construction site, they can also be beneficial to completing the project. For example, dumpers are brilliant machines for back-filling trenches. 

At the moment, we have a few 1 ton dumper trucks for sale here.

Backhoe loaders

Arguably one of the most recognisable pieces of machinery, the backhoe loaders are really popular plants. Here at International Plant Sales, we have lots of JCB 3CX models available – one of which only has 76 hours clocked. 

The JCB 3CX has a front bucket and a backhoe loader, which makes it much more versatile. Despite its size, operators can dig, lift and manoeuvre the machine very easily. This helps to maximise your productivity. 

Additionally these machines have a powerful engine which enhances the overall performance, but the fuel used stays the same as a lower power unit. JCB 3CX machines have a 91 horsepower engine which gives 320 pounds of torque. Torque is how much power is put to the ground. This makes the 3CX extremely powerful and efficient. 

If you think a JCB 3CX backhoe loader is the machine you need, then please take a look at our website, here. Alternatively, you can give our friendly sales team a call on 01634 778 123.


Telescopic handlers, or as they are most commonly known, telehandlers, are a type of machinery used typically within the construction and farming industry. 

Telehandlers are wheeled machines, capable of taking on uneven terrain and are also suitable for roads. They’re often compared to forklift trucks, however they are much more user friendly and efficient. With the use of a telescopic arm, a telehandler can reach higher areas that a forklift would be incapable of. 

These machines are mainly used for lifting heavy loads in areas where conventional forklifts cannot be used. Telehandlers are primarily used for lifting pallets, concrete and packaged goods. The adaptability of these plants makes them a vital part of construction projects.

We have a multitude of different telehandlers for sale, including ones from brands such as JCB and Manitou.


The International Plant Sales team specialise in the sale of used construction machinery. We can therefore find a machine to suit your needs.

Diggerland’s machines are replaced every three years so all of our machines have low working hours and are in pristine condition. As well as Komatsu diggers, we also stock machines from other high-quality manufacturers, including JCB, Thwaites, Hydrema and Ammann. 

All of our machines come with a manufacturer’s service history, a warranty and international delivery if necessary. 

Our International Plant Sales Head Office is based in Kent, however you’re more than welcome to contact us via email at mail@ipsplant.com or give us a call on 01634 779 123. You can also contact us on WhatApp here.


Information correct as of 17/09/21

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