Tracked excavators – Do you know how to maintain the undercarriage?

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This week’s blog post is focusing on tracked excavators, and how the undercarriage should be maintained. When regular maintenance is carried out, it could actually increase the life expectancy of the machine, and allow it to run more efficiently.

Would you know how to maintain the undercarriage of a digger, and what you should be looking out for?


As the name suggests, the undercarriage relates to the underneath of the machine. Whether it’s a car, tractor or even trailer, the undercarriage always refers to the supporting framework underneath the vehicle. 

When it comes to tracked excavators, the undercarriage not only refers to the framework of the machine. It also includes numerous moving components that work together to power the digger.  

The undercarriage is made up of:

  • Links
  • Pins
  • Bushings
  • Sprockets
  • Rollers
  • Idlers
  • Shoes 
  • Frames

If the tracked excavators on your fleet have not been checked recently, then we strongly advise carrying this out as soon as possible. Leaving any issues until it’s too late can be very costly, not to mention the time it takes to repair the undercarriage and any parts. So how can you maintain the undercarriage?


Check the track tension

Did you know that an incorrect or poor track tension will cause more wear and tear for your machine? If the working area conditions vary, it will also take longer for the machine to accustom. It is highly recommended that the machine is left running for at least half hour before the pre-op checks are completed, and the track tension is set. 

Tight tension will put additional stress and pressure on the undercarriage. Tension that is too loose can lead to sprocket wear and damage.

Follow basic operating rules

Operators can become too complacent when it comes to their tracked excavators and other plant. We would highly recommend harsh terrains if possible. Asphalt, concrete and other rough materials could damage the tracks overtime, often leading to downtime of the machine. 

By minimising high operating speeds, this could also reduce wear and tear on your undercarriage components. Slow and steady wins the race in this situation!

Daily Inspections

Before any construction equipment is used, the operator should be completing a walk around. An operator should look out for the most obvious signs of damage which would normally include leaky seals, dry joints, loose components, and wear to parts. Checking the undercarriage and connected components, as listed above should also be checked for any damage or wear.

Clean, clean, clean!

We all know that a construction site isn’t the cleanest of workplaces, however operators need to get into the habit of cleaning down machines after a day’s work. Dirt and debris is very well known for building up in the undercarriage, causing further issues down the line.

It is vital that debris is cleaned out during wet conditions, or situations where the temperatures drop and it could become compact and freeze. This will not only make it increasingly difficult to remove from the undercarriage, it could lead to worn components being missed when inspected. 

If the undercarriage and components are not maintained regularly, it could lead to downtime of the machine, additional costs to get the machine up and running again, as well as decrease the life expectancy of the machine. No operator would ever want to run into any of these issues!


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Information correct as of 17/09/21

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