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Komatsu have recently released their exceptional PW98MR-11 tight-tail excavator which bridged the gap between compact and construction-sized machines. Designed for a wide variety of construction, utility and landscaping projects, the PW98MR-11 sums up superbly why you need to buy a Komatsu!

Alex Visentin, Komatsu Europe Product Manager for Compact Wheeled Excavators, stated that the PW98MR-11 design is the perfect match between size and performance efficiency that Komatsu designers were aiming for. 


The Komatsu PW98MR-11 has three steering modes which are enabled by its four-wheeled steering. Manufacturers boast a 10% increase in versatility with this model compared to its predecessor, the Komatsu PW98MR-10.

It can deliver optimal power and digging speed even in confined spaces due to its short-tail design. The PW98MR-11 is ideal for projects in which traditional machines cannot work, including alleyways, road words and sewers. 

This machine has been designed with versatility in mind. Not only are there plenty of different optional Komatsu attachments which grant further versatility, but the travel direction, undercarriage attachment and manual axle lock can be controlled by switches on the joysticks or the dashboard. Operators can even switch the machine’s function from boom operation to undercarriage control without removing their hand from the right joystick – which controls the machine.


The EU stage V engine is environmentally friendly without the need of a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system.

It is also integrated with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) which makes the PW98MR-11 exceptionally low in it’s fuel consumption. Depending on the load, operators can choose between six working modes. These are designed to match engine speed, pump delivery and system pressure. 

Wheeled excavators are built to move quickly on and between sites. The Komatsu PW98MR-11 features an improved drivetrain which increased its travel and uphill driving speeds. 

Along with its brilliant compact size, this machine featured an unmatched lifting performance. Its combination of power, convenience and complete control make it the perfect first choice for heavy-duty lifting tasks.

Likewise, its swing boom design allows operators to dig parallel to buildings or barriers. While the protected two-piece boom cylinder grants safer truck loading operation. The standard 100% differential lock on both axles provides direct traction – making it great for when working on slippery or uneven terrain.


It’s not just the machine’s fantastic specs that make this a perfect addition to any construction fleet. It’s also super comfy when operating! The cab is spacious, and fitted with a heated, high-back seat which comes with fully adjustable armrests. 

Controls are fitted on the joystick as standard to ensure safe and precise operations. All operators are able to connect their Bluetooth devices to the machine’s high resolution 7-inch LCD colour display. This is also where you can make your attachment changes!

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We know how important it is to ensure all plant is fit and safe before every use. Keeping on top of a machine’s maintenance is an easy way to ensure the safety of those using the machine. Performing regular safety checks is also the first, and easiest, way of spotting any hazards.

Komatsu have ensured operators can easily access all service points within the PW98MR-11, including large doors and the engine hood. All of the machine’s required service intervals are longer, which keeps machine downtime to a minimum. 

The radiator, aftercooler and oil cooler have all been designed using aluminum. This will improve their efficiency. These are also installed in parallel so they can be cleaned easily and quickly. 

In addition to this, the internal LCD monitor will display any abnormalities detected within the machine, as well as providing useful information regarding part replacement times. Fitted inside, there’s also an emergency engine stop switch and a seat belt caution indicator, both of which add to the overall safety of the machine.


Unfortunately, we do not have the Komatsu PW98MR-11 tight-tail excavator for sale as of yet. However, we do have lots of different Komatsu models, starting with the PW160-11 wheeled excavator.

Wheeled excavators are extremely versatile machines, however they are most commonly used for landscaping projects, material handling and demolition jobs. Their adjustable booms provide optimal lifting capacity, while their stabilisers enhance the stability of the machine.

You can have a look at all of our wheeled excavators available here.


Long reach excavators can be a huge benefit to a range of different projects, including waterway dredging and deep excavation. Equipped with a long extending arm, they are able to reach high heights without compromising the operator’s safety.

We currently have the following Komatsu models available:

  • PC138 SLF
  • PC210 SLF
  • PC360 SLF


Our most popular Komatsu models are by far the mini and midi excavators. These are portable machines which can fit into smaller, compact spaces which makes them ideal for major building sites, smaller DIY or landscaping projects.

You can check all of our Komatsu mini and midi excavators, here.


The International Plant Sales team specialise in the sale of used construction machinery. All of our machines were previously used at Diggerland theme parks located in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire. 

Diggerland’s machines are replaced every three years so all of our machines have low working hours and are in pristine condition. As well as Komatsu diggers, we also stock machines from other high-quality manufacturers, including JCB, Thwaites, Hydrema and Ammann. 

All of our machines come with a manufacturer’s service history, a one month warranty and international delivery if necessary. IPS’ loyal customers come from all over the globe, including the USA, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

Our International Plant Sales Head Office is based in Kent, however you’re more than welcome to contact us via email at mail@ipsplant.com or give us a call on 01634 779 123. You can also contact us on WhatApp, here.


Information correct as of 10/09/21

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