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Welcome back to this week’s latest digger news post! We’re focusing on Komatsu diggers and whether or not you should buy a Komatsu digger to fulfil your construction, agricultural or landscaping requirements.

History of the Komatsu brand 

Komatsu Logo

Komatsu Ltd was founded in 1921 and was named after the ‘Komatsu’ city in Japan, the location of where the organisation first opened its doors to begin trading.

Komatsu really flourished as a company and began to grow exponentially after the second world war, due to repatriation efforts of the early 1950s.

Finding its first international customers in Australia, Komatsu’s industrial strength developed in tandem with Australia’s resources and boomed. Australia looked specifically for companies they could partner with, that provided excellent machinery and an accessible service, and they found this tenfold as Komatsu is now the leading heavy equipment manufacturer in Australia.

Globally Komatsu celebrated its 90th anniversary at the end of 2011, reflecting on the company’s technological advancements and exponential growth during that period. Komatsu’s philosophy is that ‘Innovation is at the core of our DNA’, and you can truly see that reflected across the board from country to country. The company has reassessed its remanufacturing policies and has ventured into outlooks in other countries, streamlining the availability of parts across Southeast Asia. 

Komatsu is now one of the leading manufacturers of construction and mining equipment, forklift trucks, forest machines, recycling equipment and tunneling machines in the world. Competing against top brands such as JCB and Caterpillar; Komatsu are proud of their achievements for being quite probably the best in terms of excellent quality machines and outstanding customer service. 

Komatsu Terminology

When looking at Komatsu machine models, you will usually see that before the number, there are two letters, ‘P’ and ‘C’. 

The ‘P’ stands for ‘Power Shovel’. 

The ‘C’ stands for ‘Crawler’. 

Mini and Midi Komatsu Diggers

Mini diggers are used by machinery operators, landscapers and DIY enthusiasts as they are simple to use and fit well into small spaces. These machines can be used for a variety of tasks including but most definitely not limited to digging and backfilling holes, removing tree stumps and other landscaping material, digging trenches, ploughing snow and much more. 

The Komatsu Mini Digger operating weights range from 1 to 5.3 tonnes and they are extremely versatile machines. Due to these machines being very light and compact, as well as exceptionally powerful, they are perfect for use on any site, as they fit particularly well into tight spaces. 

Komatsu Mini Diggers include the following machine makes and models:

  • Komatsu PC14 
  • Komatsu PC26 
  • Komatsu PC55 

International Plant Sales have all of the above types of Komatsu digger for sale.

As with Mini Diggers, a Midi Digger will complete similar jobs, however as it is a slightly larger machine, the Midi Digger has more power and will dig to a deeper level than a Mini Digger. 

Komatsu Midi Diggers range from 7 to 12 tonnes in operating weight. These machines are popular for many confined areas and urban areas such as at a road side. Most Komatsu machines are also environmentally friendly as the engine reduces fuel consumption by up to 10%, whilst still maintaining optimal performance. 

Komatsu Midi Diggers include the following machine makes and models: 

  • Komatsu PC80 

International Plant Sales have the above Komatsu digger for sale.

Komatsu Tracked and Wheeled Excavators

You would most likely use a tracked excavator for jobs that are on uneven terrain, as the tracked excavator will give you better traction and grip whilst carrying out the job. With most tracked excavators you can choose from steel tracks or road liner pads. 

Komatsu Tracked Excavators include the following machine makes and models: 

  • Komatsu PC138
  • Komatsu PC210 
  • Komatsu PC360 
  • Komatsu PC490

International Plant Sales have all of the above types of Komatsu digger for sale.

Komatsu Long Reach Excavators

Long reach excavators will benefit a wide range of projects from quarry work to waterway dredging, deep excavation and railways.

Komatsu Long Reach Excavators include the following machines makes and models: 

  • Komatsu PC138 SLF
  • Komatsu PC210 SLF 
  • Komatsu PC360 SLF

International Plant Sales have all of the above types of Komatsu digger for sale.

Komatsu Corporate Social Responsibility

Komatsu take their corporate social responsibility very seriously and are invested in looking after and preserving the environment around the world, building upon sustainability and looking after people.  

The company focuses on three main areas, these being: 

  1. Enhancing the quality of life

  2. Developing people 

  3. Growing with society 

When it comes to enhancing the quality of life, Komatsu use innovative processes that allow the manufacturing team to conjure valuable ideas, in order to enhance environmental design, as well as economic efficiency. 

Komatsu dedicate their resources to ensuring their machines are built with the highest level of safety in mind, which is why Komatsu have partnered with the NVIDIA Corporation in order to bring Artificial Intelligence to construction sites, in order to further ensure safer and more efficient working environments. 

Komatsu also focus their CSR attention on Occupational Health and Safety for their employees, fixating on employee health and wellbeing. All employees are encouraged to take part in various health and safety activities including first aid at work courses. 

Being a Japanese company, Komatsu are big on teaching the youth of tomorrow and so ensure that knowledge and experience is passed down to younger generations. 

Our Verdict

If you want a machine that has been built with the end user in mind, that has had love and care put into it throughout the entire manufacturing process, from a company that truly is passionate about caring for the wellbeing of their employees and the greater world around them, then we would definitely recommend Komatsu diggers. 

Both H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd and Diggerland UK Adventure Theme Parks are Komatsu’s biggest UK customers. There is a reason for that, and it is because the Komatsu machines are built with quality and exceptional technology in mind. They are very popular machines in the UK market, which is why the UK’s top plant hire company and the UK’s only construction theme park in the world use Komatsu machines. 

Want to buy a Komatsu?

The International Plant Sales team will be more than happy to talk through your specific requirements, in order to find a Komatsu digger for sale that is right for you. 

You are more than welcome to view the machines available for sale in person. All of the machines that International Plant Sales sell come from one previous owner either H. E. SERVICES or Diggerland (part of the H.E. Group of Companies), therefore you are also welcome to visit the local H.E. SERVICES depot and Diggerland Kent park, in order to see how the machines are used prior to going up for sale with International Plant Sales. 

All of the Komatsu machines sold via International Plant Sales are fully serviced, have low hours and come with a warranty, thoroughly giving you peace of mind from a UK seller. 

Contact the team today by emailing or calling 01634 779123. 

All information correct as of: 16th July 2019

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