Should you buy Yanmar used construction machinery?

yanmar construction machinery

Welcome back to IPS news post! This week we are focusing on the Yanmar brand, looking in detail at the company, the history of their used construction machinery, and the Yanmar used construction equipment for sale here at International Plant Sales. 


Yanmar was founded in 1921, around the same time as another popular brand of construction machinery, Komatsu. It was originally named Yamaoka Hatsudoki Kosakusho in 1912 when the production of gas engines started, but the name ‘Yanmar’ was adopted in 1921, when a horizontal oil engine model was launched. Yanmar Logo

Yanmar focused solely on the production of small diesel engines for a few decades, until 1967 when the first YM273 tractor model was produced. From this point, Yanmar then began to manufacture construction machinery for the industry.

In 1977, the Yanmar company began to proliferate with an agreement being made with USA based company John Deere, with regards to the export of tractors, and the five millionth water cooled diesel engine was produced a couple of years later.

At this point in time, Yanmar’s main industry of work is benefiting marinas, and supplying parts for large ships and boats, with a multitude of various diesel engines. In 1989, a joint venture was made with Ammann and Ammann-Yanmar S.A was established.  

Yanmar celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2012, along with multiple awards including:

  • becoming the world’s first manufacturer to be awarded Tier IV certification for the water cooled diesel engines they produced

  • The first commercially viable diesel engine that was developed by Yanmar is now known by the Natural Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo as an “essential historical material for Science and Technology”


Yanmar is now one of many popular brands when it comes to construction machinery for the global market. They specialise in manufacturing machinery for the following sectors:

  • Agriculture

  • Construction

  • Energy and Power Systems

  • Marine vessels

Focusing purely on construction equipment, Yanmar manufacture the following machinery:


Yanmar produce a variety of excavators including the ViO range, which are Zero Tail Swing excavators, and the SV range, which are minimal tail swing excavators. Ranging from the Vi012-2a that are great excavators for narrow work sites to the ViO82 which is the largest excavator they manufacture. 

All of the excavators are fitted with engines that have diesel particulate filters, ensuring that minimal fumes and gases escape into the atmosphere, to help preserve the environment. They also have a direct fuel injection system. Yanmar were one of the first companies to introduce direct injection combustion in their diesel engines, allowing their machines to emit low emissions. Yanmar excavators have an eco mode switch to ensure the excavator operator is using minimal fuel, but still ensuring they complete the project to a high standard.

Here at IPS, we have not had any used excavators for sale from Yanmar, as Diggerland Theme Parks and H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd tend to use Komatsu machinery for the majority of their fleet and attractions at the park, but who’s to say that will always be the same! 


Yanmar also produce high quality, efficient articulated wheel loaders that are used for construction, civil engineering and agricultural work. Again, all of the wheeled loaders have low fuel consumption, which isn’t affecting our society and environment leaving any companies using Yanmar with peace of mind that they are buying great machinery.

The wheel loaders from Yanmar are all fitted with water cooled diesel engines, meaning that when gas and fuel pass through the system, it is mixed with suction air and circulated back through the cylinder,  lowering the burning temperature and effectively decreasing the levels of nitric oxide present. 

We currently have JCB Backhoe Loaders available for sale, as these are used frequently at all Diggerland parks, but it may be a brand of machinery that could be introduced in the future.


On the sales stock list at IPS we have had multiple dumper trucks for sale from Yanmar and various other brands including Thwaites and Terex. If you’re looking to buy a dumper, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. We believe that each brand of dumper can bring advantages to the table, so we have not limited on this type of construction machinery. 

Focusing purely on Yanmar dumpers, we have the Yanmar C30R-2B dumper for sale. The benefit of using this particular dumper truck allows the operator to enter narrow places, that perhaps other brands aren’t able to. Another great feature of Yanmar dumpers are the side of the dumper truck, with a quick push of a button the sides collapse down, making the materials held easier to access. Despite the compact size this specific dumper truck has a load capacity of 2500kg, so it is the perfect carrier for materials such as sand, stones, small rocks and dirt from a construction site.

Advantages of using Yanmar Dumpers:

  • Most Yanmar machinery, especially the dumpers are operated using one joystick, so the operation is universal, making them very user friendly for even the newbies of the construction industry. 

  • In comparison to Thwaites and Terex Dumpers the holding skip is on the back, so you have a clear view of any obstructions, when the vehicle is in operation. 


Yanmar take their corporate social responsibility seriously, and ensure they invest in the environment and the people. Yanmar focus on four main areas which are: 

  • Creating an energy-saving society

  • A society where people can enjoy sage and plentiful food

  • A society where people can work and live with peace of mind

  • A society that offers an exciting life filled with rich and fulfilling experiences 


We have a stock of used diggers and machinery available that comes from brands such as Komatsu, Ammann, JCB, Manitou , Terex and Thwaites, so when we are given a Yanmar machine to sell it’s always great to know that the machine has been built with our society and environment in mind. If you are looking to buy a dumper, or any other used construction machinery that is great for the environment, easy to operate and want to buy from a company that have the customers specifications in mind then you should consider Yanmar machines. 


The IPS team will be more than happy to talk customers through any specific requirements and needs, to ensure you find the best Yanmar machine available for you.

We encourage customers to come and visit us at our head office in Strood, Kent, where our machines can be viewed and you will have peace of mind knowing that the used construction machinery is mechanically sound. All of the used construction machinery that IPS have for sale, is passed on after use by either H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd or Diggerland, so will only have been owned by one previous owner. 

All of the Yanmar machines sold at International Plant Sales come with a full service history, and have a warranty period on major components.

Contact the team today by emailing or calling 01634 779123, if you need additional photos of a particular angle or part of the machinery we are more than happy to provide these. 

All information correct as of: 26th July 2019.

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