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tracked excavators for sale

In today’s blog post, we’re excited to showcase the top five tracked excavators for sale at IPS. Tracked excavators are indispensable assets in the construction industry, renowned for their versatility, power, and efficiency on various job sites. From digging trenches to demolishing structures, these machines excel in a wide range of applications, making them ideal for construction professionals worldwide.

Join us as we explore the key features and benefits of our top five tracked excavators and discover why they’re the go-to choice for diverse construction projects. Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or a budding enthusiast, this blog post is your comprehensive guide to finding the perfect tracked excavator for your needs at International Plant Sales.

Why Buy A Tracked Excavator?

  • Versatility: Tracked excavators are incredibly versatile machines that can tackle a wide range of tasks on construction sites. From digging trenches and foundations to loading materials and demolition work, these excavators excel in various applications, making them essential for any construction project.
  • Enhanced Stability: Thanks to their low centre of gravity and wide tracks, tracked excavators offer superior stability, especially on uneven or rough terrain. This stability allows operators to work confidently in challenging conditions, ensuring safety and productivity on the job site.
  • Optimised Performance: Tracked excavators are equipped with powerful engines and advanced hydraulic systems, delivering exceptional performance and efficiency. With precise control over digging depths, reach, and lifting capacities, these machines enable operators to complete tasks quickly and accurately, maximising productivity.
  • Manoeuvrability: Despite their size and power, tracked excavators are surprisingly agile and manoeuvrable, thanks to their compact design and 360-degree rotation capabilities. This manoeuvrability allows operators to navigate tight spaces and work efficiently in confined areas, making them ideal for urban construction projects or job sites with limited access.

Buy A Used Tracked Excavator for Sale from

International Plant Sales

Ensuring the safe purchase of a used tracked excavator involves several key considerations, starting with choosing a reliable seller. When selecting a seller, it’s essential to research their reputation and track record in the industry. Trusted sellers such as International Plant Sales (formerly BuyADigger) prioritise transparency and customer satisfaction, providing detailed information about each machine’s history, condition, and maintenance records. Additionally, IPS offers full images and machine tours, allowing buyers to thoroughly inspect the excavator and verify its condition before committing to the purchase. By partnering with reputable sellers such as IPS, buyers can have confidence in the integrity of the transaction and the quality of the machine, ensuring a safe and satisfactory purchasing experience.

Top 5 Tracked Excavators for Sale

At International Plant Sales (IPS), we’re dedicated to providing our customers with top-of-the-line tracked excavators that excel in performance, reliability, and versatility. Our carefully curated selection includes some of the industry’s most acclaimed models, each offering unique features and benefits to meet the diverse needs of construction professionals worldwide – 

tracked excavator for sale

Komatsu PC138:

The Komatsu PC138 is a powerhouse in the mid-size excavator category, renowned for its exceptional digging power, fuel efficiency, and operator comfort. Equipped with a Komatsu Tier 4 Final engine, the PC138 delivers high productivity while minimising emissions. Its advanced hydraulic system ensures precise control and smooth operation, making it suitable for various applications, from trenching and landscaping to utility work and site development.

Komatsu PC210 SLF:

Designed for maximum efficiency and versatility, the Komatsu PC210 SLF (Super Long Front) combines high performance with low fuel consumption, making it an ideal choice for large-scale construction projects. Featuring Komatsu’s innovative hydraulic system and extended reach, the PC210 SLF delivers superior productivity and precision, even in the most demanding working conditions. 

Sany SY155U:

The Sany SY155U sets the standard for durability and reliability in the compact excavator segment. Built with high-quality components for robust construction, the SY155U is engineered to withstand the rigours of heavy-duty construction work while maintaining optimal performance. 

Komatsu PC360:

As a powerhouse in the mid-size excavator class, the Komatsu PC360 offers unmatched performance and versatility for heavy-duty applications. Powered by exceptional digging force and capacity, it’s ideal for earthmoving, excavation, and material handling tasks. Its advanced hydraulic system and intelligent machine control technology provide precise control and smooth operation, enhancing productivity and efficiency on the job site. 

Komatsu PC490:

The Komatsu PC490 is a true giant in the world of excavators, offering unmatched power, performance, and productivity for large-scale projects. Equipped with a high-capacity bucket, the PC490 delivers exceptional digging force and loading capacity, allowing for maximum efficiency. Its advanced hydraulic system and intelligent machine control technology provide precise control and smooth operation, even when handling the toughest materials and working in challenging conditions.

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