How To Make Your Construction Site More Environmentally Friendly

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Did you know that the construction industry accounts for 38% of CO2 emissions? It’s not too surprising when you consider most construction machinery runs on diesel. One of the biggest causes of poor air quality. A great way to reduce carbon emissions would be to convert to electric diggers. However, we appreciate that not everyone may be in the position to do this just yet. So here are a few other practices you can put in place to reduce emissions on your site.

Ensure your premises are energy efficient

Look at the power your temporary offices on site are using. This can be a great place to start making your site more environmentally friendly. These offices and cabins often lack basic energy efficiency measures. It can be as simple as ensuring they are properly insulated and using LED lighting. For a larger scale win, consider using a hybrid generator to supply power to your site. Hybrid generators can reduce diesel emissions on construction sites by half! These generators use a smart management system that automatically manages the power supply. Running less power during lower loads, rather than the same amount it would be using during a higher load. Meaning there’s no unnecessary amounts of fuel being used.

Check your transportation

Transporting materials to and from your construction site can be another contributing factor to your CO2 emissions. It’s likely you’ll have limited say on the energy efficiency of the vehicles that carry your materials. You can, however, decide where your supplies are coming from. Choosing to source materials locally is a great way to help keep emissions down. As less fuel will be used in the vehicles bringing goods to you. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for suppliers who prioritise sustainable practices. This way you can keep the train of sustainability going!

Keep your machines running efficiently

Another way to cut down your emissions is to ensure your machines are running efficiently. Don’t have machinery running if it doesn’t need to be. Even having your operators switch off the engine for the few minutes they’re discussing the job at hand will be of benefit. Not only will you be saving fuel, but also reducing unnecessary fumes. If your machine has eco-mode, use it. Again, this will save you fuel. Saving costs and helping the environment. Double win! The Komatsu PC138 US-11 and PC490 LC-10 are just two examples of machines we currently stock at International Plant Sales that have an eco-mode. As well as an eco-gauge, to help you save on fuel consumption.

Making the switch to electric diggers

If you can make the switch to electric diggers, you’ll come across a range of benefits. For a start, they’re cheaper to run than diesel machines. Running costs are around only £1 per hour. Electric diggers can be less of a risk to the operator’s health. Due to the fact it won’t be producing diesel fumes for them to inhale whilst working. Another way they’ll make your site safer is there will be minimal engine noise. Making it easier for workers to hear each other and more likely to acknowledge warnings of danger, helping to avoid accidents on site. Ultimately, the main benefit of electric diggers is they don’t use diesel. Meaning you’ll be cutting out a large chunk of your emissions by making the switch.

Buying a used electric digger

Electric diggers are still pretty new pieces of machinery. So, unfortunately at the moment it’ll be quite rare to come across a second hand one for sale. Here at IPS, all our machines come directly from H. E. Services and Diggerland Theme Parks. Both companies purchase their machines new every few years. As they look to expand their fleets to include electric diggers, IPS hopes to be able to start offering electric machines in the not too distant future. 

In the meantime, we do currently offer machines that have eco-mode to help you save on fuel consumption. View our full range of machines today and contact us with any questions!

Diggers aren’t the only vehicles going electric. Did you know there are also plenty of vehicles to choose from when it comes to electric cars? Check out our sister company EV Sales for a great selection of excellent quality used electric vehicles.


Information correct as of 11/10/22

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