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The Mini Digger With Big Capability

If you are looking to buy a mini digger, then you won’t find anything more diverse than the Komatsu PC26 mini digger. Its small size, yet powerful operation means that it can work in tightest spaces where other diggers cannot go.

Whether you are working by the roadside, on demolition sites, or elsewhere where traditionally sized diggers cannot effectively operate. The Komatsu PC26 is the machine that you want at the top of your wish list.

Digging the Features

The Komatsu PC26 is packed with features that set it apart from other machines in the mini digger category. These features build confidence in being able to get the job done. Plus getting it done quicker, safer and in more comfort.

The new X-Frame on the base of the digger gives the machine maximum stress resistance. Not only does the X-Frame make the machine more rigid, it also helps to make regular undercarriage cleaning and spoils removal easier to carry out.

The Closed-Centre Load Sensing System (CLSS) hydraulic circuit ensures that the machine has power, speed and perfect control in all movements, including simultaneous movements.

Keeping it Comfortable

Wherever you’re working you want to be comfortable whilst doing your job. Operating a mini digger can be strenuous work when your body is continuously travelling over bumpy terrain. 

However, Komatsu has really worked hard on perfecting the comfort of the operator’s experience. Making the job more efficient and giving a better quality of work. Well cushioned seats and proper support is also available for the operator.

Magnificent on the Move

Taking a mini digger from site to site can be hard work in itself. However, due to the convenient size and weight of the Komatsu PC26 you will find logistics to be less of a headache. For example, you won’t even need to obtain a truck for transporting. The Komatsu PC26 is suitably sized to be transported on the back of a car-towed flatbed trailer. This makes going from job to job a joy.

Magical With Maintenance

Komatsu are fully aware that maintenance of the plant machinery is an important part of the job. This is why they have put a lot of thought into how to make maintaining the machine as simple as possible.

The bonnet of the Komatsu PC26 is a wide opening aperture that gives easy access to the daily inspection point. Also, in addition to this, the mini digger can tilt to one side to give greater access for major maintenance works.

Even repairs are made faster and easier by the ORFS hydraulic face seal connectors and DT electrical connectors. These features also enhance the machine’s reliability. These special technical solutions allow for intervals between most ordinary machine maintenance operations, such as engine oil changes and pin greasing, to be extended by up to 500 hours. This means that your Komatsu PC26 mini digger can be kept in operation for longer periods of time without lengthy maintenance hours lost.

In Summary

If you’re looking to buy a mini digger for your next job, then we may have the perfect machine for you. Hopefully this blog post will convince you that the Komatsu PC26 is an excellent piece of plant machinery that will suit a diverse range of needs. 

When you buy a machine from International Plant Sales, you’ll benefit from machinery that:

  • Has one previous owner
  • Comes with the manufacturer’s service history
  • Can be delivered worldwide
  • Comes with a warranty, covering all major components and parts

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