Small Diggers for Sale – Komatsu PC26 vs JCB 8026

Komatsu for sale

Looking at small diggers for sale but feel overwhelmed by the choice? We’re here to help! In this week’s blog post, we’re going to fill you in on all the qualities that make mini diggers great machines. As well as helping to narrow down your search by comparing two models from two excellent brands.

What are mini diggers?

Mini diggers are compact pieces of machinery, weighing up to only 6 tonnes at most. They are very similar to standard excavators, the main difference being that they’re just smaller. Although mini diggers are small machines, they can still be used in a wide variety of situations. For example, you may want to buy a mini digger for the use of digging and backfilling moderate sized holes, removing tree stumps, trench digging and landscaping projects.


What are the advantages of buying a small digger?

You may be looking at small diggers for sale and wondering if it’s worth upgrading to a larger machine instead. If so, take a moment to consider these advantages of small diggers first.

One of the greatest advantages of mini excavators is that they are much more agile than larger diggers. Meaning you can move them around your site with ease, helping to reduce positioning time. Another advantage is that mini diggers are very user friendly. As they are easy to use, it won’t take too long to train an operator on how to use one. One of the biggest advantages for many will be the low operating costs. These small machines save money in many areas compared to bigger excavators.

Komatsu PC26

Komatsu is a company that has been around for over 100 years. In that time they have certainly racked up a lot of knowledge on what makes a great mini digger. Offering a variety of different models including the PC55 and PC80. Being one of the smaller models available from Komatsu, for this comparison we’ve chosen to highlight the PC26.

Operating weight – 2800 kg

Engine power – 15.7 kW

Maximum speed – 4 km/ph

Operator comfort

The Komatsu PC26 are small diggers that have been designed with the operator in mind. With a wide entrance and well placed handholds to allow for ease of entrance and exit from the machine. This model also features a spacious cab with a fully adjustable seat, so that even the tallest of operators will have plenty of legroom. As well as using Pressure Proportional Control controls that come as standard with the PC26.


PC26 mini diggers have been built to make maintenance tasks easier. Komatsu has achieved this by designing a tilting cab for major maintenance jobs. As well as a wide opening engine bonnet for quick access to complete daily inspections. The PC26 also uses ORFS hydraulic face seal connectors and DT electrical connectors to optimise the machines reliability and make repairs faster.

Tech – Komtrax

Komtrax is Komatsu’s own satellite monitoring system. The system is designed to help save you time and money. It does this by allowing you to monitor your equipment wherever you are. The data provided by Komtrax will mean you can plan your maintenance and optimise machine performance. For optimal safety, with Komtrax you can also see your machine’s location, be informed of unauthorised use, and receive notifications for security alarms.

JCB 8026

JCB has been around in the UK since 1945. Starting by building agricultural tipping trailers, to becoming a globally recognised name within both the construction and agriculture industries today. It is safe to say that JCB is another company that knows a thing or two about producing machinery. We’ve chosen to compare the JCB 8026 to the Komatsu PC26 as both are small diggers for sale that have similar specifications.

Operating weight – 2860 kg

Engine power – 18.9 kW

Maximum speed – 4 km/ph

Operator comfort

The 8026 mini excavator was built with the idea of putting the operator first. JCB has achieved this by producing a machine that offers precision control in a comfortable environment. The environment being a large cab with more legroom than previous JCB mini digger models. This digger is also designed to give out minimum levels of vibration, includes a heating system, and provides great levels of visibility for the operator.


The JCB 8026 has been built to allow for easier maintenance. One way this has been made possible is a wide opening service panel for ease of access for checks. The 8026 also includes a hose-burst check valve option which alerts you when the safe work load is exceeded. Helping to prevent damage and stop accidents before they happen.

Tech – JCB LiveLink

LiveLink is similar to Komatsu’s Komtrax system in that both aim to improve how efficiently you run your fleet. JCB LiveLink has been designed to reduce guess work and provide you with the right data to make smart decisions. The data provided by LiveLink includes information on your machines health and communications to ensure operator safety.

The best small diggers for sale – the conclusion

To conclude, we think that both the Komatsu PC26 and JCB 8026 are great small diggers. Although the 8026 does offer slightly more engine power, there’s no doubt that both machines are capable of completing a wide range of jobs. We also think it’s great that both brands have kept the operator in mind by thinking of their comfort and safety. As well as both having the option for tech extras designed to help your business.

Small diggers for sale at International Plant Sales

At IPS, we currently have a selection of Komatsu PC26 machines available to buy now. Unfortunately we don’t stock JCB mini diggers at the moment, but we do have other JCB machines available. Including a range of excellent JCB telehandlers, which you can find here

If there is a machine you are looking for but can’t find on our website, please do contact us and we will be happy to help however we can. You can also sign up to our newsletter to ensure you don’t miss out on any new machines we add to our stocklist.

Information correct as of 12/12/22


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