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Although often referred to as “construction machinery”, many of these machines can also be useful in an agricultural setting. One machine that stands out for this is telehandlers. Any farmer who already owns one will probably tell you that it’s a good idea to buy a telehandler.

What is a telehandler?

You may already be familiar with what a telehandler is. For those of you who aren’t, here’s a brief summary. Also sometimes known as reach forklifts or boom lifts, telehandlers are basically telescopic fork trucks. They have a telescopic cylinder which makes them more cranelike as opposed to a forklift. Although both are considered “lift and place” tools, telehandlers are more advanced due to their ability to extend. Telehandlers are extremely versatile machines. With the option to add a variety of different attachments making them suitable for a wide range of applications. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t buy a telehandler sooner.

telehandler for sale

Telehandlers and agriculture

Since telehandlers do so many things and they do them well. Investing and making use of this multi-application machine could save you much more time, effort and money in the long run. Here are just a few examples of how a telehandler could benefit you in an agricultural setting.

Movement in confined spaces

Thanks to their turning radius, telehandlers are able to turn in tight circles. This allows the machine to easily move around tight spaces. Making them ideal for use in barns and confined yard spaces. This could help with farming tasks such as moving up and down livestock rows to give out food, cleaning out pens, and stacking hay in an inside space.

Lifting and stacking

Telehandlers are great for lifting and placing an array of different items. However, one of the main things you’ll probably want to buy a telehandler for lifting and stacking on a farm is hay bales. As mentioned above, the ability to move in tight spaces massively helps with moving hay bales inside. The reach of the boom will also allow you to stack the bales much higher than a more traditional machine, making for more efficient use of your space.

Good travel speeds

Most telehandlers can travel at up to 25 kph, which is considerably quicker than other types of machines. This makes them great for getting from one area to another quickly, even whilst carrying a load. The large, heavy duty wheels mean your telehandler will also have no issue getting across fields or dirt tracks with ease, even after poor weather.

Telehandler attachments

When you buy a telehandler, it will probably come with forks as standard. Forks are great tools and you can fulfil a variety of tasks with just these. However, there is also a great range of attachments currently available that you can purchase for your telehandler. 

For example a bucket attachment would be very useful. Buckets are designed for the easy transportation of materials such as dirt, gravel and debris. Making them an ideal attachment for assisting with clearing out pens, carrying grain for livestock feed, and generally moving any material around the farm that you may feel necessary. Perhaps if you are working at height for harvesting fruit from trees or for barn repairs, a platform attachment or man basket could also be of benefit to you.

Buy a telehandler from IPS

At International Plant Sales we stock JCB and Manitou telehandlers and currently have a range available. Our stocklist of telehandlers is available here.

If you need any further tips on what telehandler would suit your needs. Have a read of our blog post where we discuss which one could be best for you.

Don’t forget that when you buy a telehandler from IPS you also have the benefit of worldwide shipping being available. All our machines have had one previous owner, are in excellent condition and have low hours. A warranty is also included with your machine purchase. 

If you have any questions about our machines or would like a quote, please do not hesitate to contact our team via email at or call us on +44 (0) 1634 799123


Information correct as of 21/11/22

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