Found A Used Digger For Sale? Now Find The Right Attachment!

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So, you’re looking at a used digger for sale and noticed it doesn’t come with an attachment? Are you now trying to figure out which attachment is right for your machine? Well you’ve come to the right place! With the wide range of different attachments that are on the market, it can be difficult to make a decision. So, we’ve put together a simple guide to help you decide which digger attachment is the right one for you.

Excavator Bucket Size

If you’re looking to buy a digger, it’s most likely going to be for excavating purposes. If so, you’ll need an excavator bucket. There are a few different types of buckets available that are all suited to different tasks. One of the most important things you need to consider before making a decision on a bucket, is the size you’ll need. Whenever you look at a used digger for sale, you should make sure there is a specification sheet available for you to view. This will contain information you’ll need to work out what size bucket is correct for the machine. Information such as how much weight the machine can lift will help.

Types of Excavator Bucket

Standard Buckets

Also known as general purpose or digging buckets. These buckets are really versatile. They’re designed to be all-purpose but are most commonly used for digging, trenching, or loading materials. However, they can also be used for ploughing through hard soil or rocks. Even soil that has been frosted over by cold weather. These buckets also have short blunt teeth. Which makes them ideal for top soil excavating. 

Grading Buckets

Sometimes known as ditching or clean-up buckets. Grading buckets are flat edged, opposed to having teeth, and are designed for cleaning ditches or for sloping and grading to finish jobs. They can also be used for scooping softer materials like soil. These types of buckets are usually more shallow and compact to make them ideal for tight and sloped conditions. Making this type of bucket ideal for landscaping projects.

Heavy Duty Buckets

As the name suggests, these buckets are designed for tough jobs. Ideal for demolition projects using a larger tracked excavator. As they can be used for breaking through highly dense materials. Other uses include moving abrasive materials and deep digging in solid, rocky areas. Which also makes it a great attachment to have if you often work in rock quarries.

Trenching Buckets 

The clue is in the name of this one. Trenching buckets usually have a sharp, flat blade to create a cutting edge. As well as an extended front for easier access to narrow areas. Making them great for jobs carried out with a mini digger that require high precision. Such as, digging deep, narrow cable trenches, pipe culverts, and drains.

Speciality Buckets

Besides the most common digger buckets listed above, there’s also a range of speciality buckets on the market. They have been designed to carry out more specific tasks. Some of these attachments are:

Riddle Buckets

Riddle buckets have heavy plates with gaps in between. Designed for small particles to fall through. Making it the ideal attachment for sifting out larger particles like coarse soil or rocks from fine soil.


Similar to trenching buckets, but V-shaped. Allowing you to create a V-shaped trench rather than one with a flat bottom. Great for jobs like laying utility cables or pipes.

Rock Bucket

Rock buckets have a similar design to standard buckets. However, this type has longer, sharp teeth and a V-shape sharp edge. Creating optimal pushing power for breaking through hard rocks with ease.

Hard-Pan Bucket

Similar to a rock bucket. But with the addition of ripper teeth on the back of the bucket. These ripper teeth allow you to multitask easily by loosening compacted soil whilst you dig.


Bespoke Digger Attachments at Masterhitch

Seen the perfect used digger for sale but still can’t seem to find the right attachment? Fear not! Our sister company Masterhitch can help.

Masterhitch design and make state of the art quick hitches, excavator attachments, bespoke products and buckets. If you have a specific job in mind for your machine but are struggling to find the perfect attachment. Contact them and let the team know what you’re looking for. They’ll be more than happy to assist by offering suggestions or working with you to design exactly what you need.

Used Digger For Sale at IPS

IPS are specialists in selling used construction machinery. We only stock machines which are less than 5 years old and have low hours. Our machines come to us directly from H. E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd and Diggerland Theme Parks. Having been well maintained and kept in excellent condition. 

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All information correct as of 29/11/22

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