Buying a used excavator for sale – What about accompanying excavator attachments?

used excavator for sale

So you’re thinking of buying a used excavator for sale, but have you thought about attachments as well?

Excavators, whether they are mini, midi, tracked or wheeled, are perfect for building sites and other projects. Most companies will operate with productivity and low costs in mind. However, thinking about more than just a standard bucket could potentially save a lot more money. Find out which excavator attachments are available at International Plant Sales, and what they could be used for.

Used excavators for sale at International Plant Sales

Firstly, let’s take a look at some of the used excavators for sale here at International Plant Sales, formerly International Plant Sales. Depending on the type of project, various types of diggers will be needed. We stock the following excavators:

Additionally, we also stock other used plant equipment including rollers, dumpers, telehandlers and backhoe loaders. 

Looking to buy excavator attachments for your fleet?

We work very closely with our sister company, Masterhitch Europe Ltd. When it comes to providing our customers with attachments for their plant machinery, we work with the very best!

Masterhitch are leaders in the design and creation of digger attachments and buckets. All of their products are made to the highest specifications, using state-of-the-art equipment, and British Standard Steel.

If you’re looking for durable and long lasting attachments, you’ve come to the right place. Which digger attachments should you choose though?

Pipe Lifters

The Masterhitch pipe lifter is very unique within the industry. Although similar attachments are available to buy, this particular pipe lifter can tilt downwards and away from the operator at 45° whilst maintaining full control. No other manufacturer has incorporated the user friendly idea of using fold out legs, this will support attaching and detaching the attachment from the machine.

When buying a used excavator for sale from us be sure to contact us today for a quote.


In the early stages of the construction process, breaking up any existing foundations may be required, ready for the new project. Often an excavator isn’t at the forefront of an operator’s mind, but with the right attachment it could increase productivity and save time. Masterhitch Rippers are made as standard to fit machines from 7 – 45 tonne, however they can be bespoke manufactured to suit your requirements.

They are commonly used for breaking tarmac, concrete and any stubborn areas of ground. If there are old tree roots still present, rippers are also great at removing them.

Concrete Pourer

The concrete pourer is a fairly new addition to Masterhitch. Choosing this attachment will enable you to complete tasks without the need to have a concrete truck also on site. With the use of two spouts, the operator will have full control over where concrete or other materials are poured. 

If you’re looking to add the concrete pourer to your fleet, Masterhitch are able to produce the attachment as standard to fit 7 and 21 tonne excavators. However as previously mentioned, if you need any sizes outside of these, they would be happy to make this to suit your needs.

Tilting buckets

A tilting bucket can be a versatile plant accessory if it is used to its full potential. It is used mainly for back filling, land clearance, and light material loading. When a machine is unable to manoeuvre properly due to limited space, the specially adapted tilting bucket has the ability to tilt 45° in each direction at a 90° pivot. 

Due to the type of work undertaken, Masterhitch have added additional reinforcement to high stress areas that would wear away easily in normal situations. Using a tilting bucket will enable any operator to use the same machine instead of needing to downsize to something smaller.

Contact the IPS team

If you wish to buy a used excavator for sale, speak to the team at International Plant Sales.

When buying from International Plant Sales you have peace of mind that the machines are usually only a few years old and come from only one previous owner.

The excavators for sale are used from new by either H. E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd or Diggerland. When they have reached an average of 3 – 5 years old, the machines are then replaced. We then sell them on to buyers within the UK and around the world. 

Our team will be more than happy to send you any photos and videos of the machine to prove it is in full working order.

All of our IPS machines come with a warranty, that will cover you for all major parts and components. This will begin when the machine is picked up or delivered. To get a quote please contact or phone 01634 779123.

All information correct as of: 11th November 2020. 

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