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During the Coronavirus lockdown we found ourselves getting creative and discovering hobbies that we never even knew we had. Once flour was unavailable in most supermarkets in the UK, some of us swapped from baking to home and garden improvements. 

Becoming a gardener and buying a few flower pots is at one end of the scale, with some individuals wanting to recreate their back garden spaces into something they wouldn’t normally have the time to do. This week, we take a look at the top garden transformation ideas that would require you to buy a mini digger.


Unless you own acres of land and you’re in the middle of the countryside, it’s highly unlikely you will need anything bigger than a mini digger for your garden. Think practically!

Firstly, mini diggers have a smaller footprint than other standard sized diggers, which will allow the machine to fit into smaller confined spaces. If you need to manoeuvre the mini digger to the centre of the garden, you are less likely to crush the grass and other delicate features of your garden, due to the weight of the machine. The size of the digger will also make transporting the machine easy, and cost effective too.

Operating a mini digger will also be quieter and fuel efficient in comparison to a larger excavator. Thankfully, you won’t be annoying any of your neighbours and getting any noise complaints!


The most common type of garden project is landscaping. This can be as easy or as complex as you want to make it. When it comes to landscaping, a mini digger is incredibly useful for the following types of tasks:

  • Removing tree stumps – Especially if you have the correct attachments!
  • Creating hills – If you’re bored of having a garden that’s flat, why not mix it up and create a garden with various levels.
  • Mixing compost in with standard soil, creating the perfect bedding for new plants and shrubbery
  • Moving and placing heavy decorative rocks

Good news for anyone that is looking to sell their home in the not so distant future, if you have taken the time and care to look after your garden, it could actually be adding value to your home!


As we’ve had scorching weather in the UK recently, some people were desperate for a pool during lockdown. A mini digger will save many hours of labour and back breaking digging if you’re willing to take the plunge (literally).

Foundations can quickly be created whether these are for a new patio, deck area or even a pond or swimming pool, you just need a mini digger to get you started. Digging a hole big enough to comfortably swim in can be tedious, yet with a mini digger the process is effortless and straightforward. 

If you buy a mini digger not only can you build your own swimming pool or pond, you can also create trenches and ditches for any utility lines or pipes required using the excavator bucket.


Extending your home is something most of us dream about doing, but never get round to it or get the professionals in instead. Now you can do it yourself, to a certain extent anyway!

Mini diggers can come in handy if you’re looking to add a conservatory in your garden. Have you already got the space, but need to level out the ground? Mini diggers are great for levelling. Using the bottom of the excavator bucket will smooth down the ground without breaking a sweat.

Whilst we’re on the topic of extending, have you ever thought about using a mini digger for demolition on a smaller scale? Using the digger arm and attachment, a wall can be broken down safely to make way for your new conservatory or just create some extra space.

If you buy a mini digger it will save you time, money and energy. Now you need to find out what machines are available.


Here at International Plant Sales, we stock a range of used Komatsu diggers for sale including:

PC14 R-3HS

PC26 MR-3

PC55 MR-3

When you buy used construction machinery from us you will be guaranteed a machine that has low hours,  and is in excellent condition.

We also offer a warranty on all major components for your own peace of mind, as well as delivery if requested.  

If you’re not ready to buy a mini digger, and hiring it for a day seems a more feasible option, our sister company H.E SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd will have machines readily available to suit your garden projects.


H. E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd is the UK’s largest specialist plant hire company, with a fleet of over 3500 machines. You’ll never be far from a H.E. SERVICES depot, with 10 depots offering nationwide hire they can deliver your chosen machinery with ease.

For future bigger and better projects it’s good to know that it doesn’t just stop at mini diggers, H.E. SERVICES can hire out dumper trucks, rollers, telehandlers, backhoe loaders and larger excavators.

View the mini diggers available from H.E. SERVICES and book your hire.


Masterhitch Europe Ltd is another sister company within H.E. Group. If you’re looking for digger attachments and buckets for your construction machinery they are the experts to contact. 

With the latest design equipment and skilled welders in the workshop, you’ll be in good hands. 

Masterhitch’s latest attachments that would be ideal for any garden project include:

All Masterhitch buckets and attachments are bespoke made to fit your machinery, as well as stocking standard fit sizes as well. If you’re thinking of getting attachments to make your projects easier, let us know and we could include attachments within our quote.


If you’re looking to buy a mini digger, get in touch with us today via email or WhatsApp and we would be happy to assist you. Sign up to our newsletter to receive regular updates.

All information correct as of: 15th July 2020. 

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