Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Plant Machinery

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When considering what you need when buying plant machinery, there are many mistakes that you need to avoid. Getting the right digger or excavator isn’t just about buying the one you like the look of. Mistakes when purchasing your plant machinery can be costly and they are often easily avoidable.

There are a few mistakes that we come across more than others. In this blog we will look at some of these, including not checking the site access, buying the wrong plant machinery for the job, not getting enough of the machines you need for your site, plus more.

Check Your Site Access for Plant Machinery

You can picture this scenario in your head. It is a mistake that we have come across several times in the past, so it does happen.

You have found the perfect excavator to get the work on the site done quickly and efficiently. Without any other considerations, you have bought the machine and can’t wait to get it onto the site and get it working. Unfortunately, when the excavator turns up, it is too big to get through the site entranceway. 

The moral of this story is that you should consider what your access to the site is like. Will there be any issues with getting any plant machinery through to the work site? If so, make sure you are buying the machine that is not only correct for the job in hand, but can actually reach the job in hand.

Check You Have Enough Plant Machinery for the Job

Another common mistake is not considering how much or what type of plant machinery may be required for a particular site. For example, you may have sized up the construction area perfectly and you have bought the right sized excavator to work it. However, what you haven’t considered is that you’re going to need a dumper to help get rid of all the earth that you are moving. Some plant machinery is needed to complement the work that another machine is carrying out. All these factors need to be considered.

Maybe you have hired the right excavator and you’ve got the dumper to work with it. However, the site is bigger than anticipated and you need more than one of each machine to get the job done in as an efficient way as possible. All situations need to be kept in mind when considering your plant needs.

Do You Have the Right People for the Machinery?

When buying your machinery you need to keep in mind who is in your workforce and what they are qualified to use. There is no point in buying a 1 tonne excavator and then realise that your team, although qualified on other machines, are not qualified for using that particular one.

Using unqualified workers on plant machinery should be avoided at all costs. Not only will there be implications for the insurance that is held for the site, there is also a heightened risk of injury or death from someone improperly trained using new machines.

Our sister company, Diggerland Training School, has a wide range of NPORS certified courses should you need someone with particular skills working on your job. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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Used Plant Machinery – Make it Work for You

Here at International Plant Sales we have a very wide range of plant machinery available for every job and every need. Whether you are looking to buy an excavator, buy a dumper, or anything else, we will probably have the machine for you.

Visit our current stock-list page to see what we can do for you. Contact our team for help and advice on buying the right machine, or to make your purchase enquiry.

Why Buy From International Plant Sales

Our team are product specialists and have worked in the industry for many years. We can tell you in an instant the machines we have in stock, their technical specification and history.

Need shipping? No problem, as we can also arrange for world-wide delivery.

IPS is not an agency or re-seller. Each of our machines are being sold directly by the owner, the H. E. SERVICES Group. This means that you are guaranteed a young machine in excellent condition at a great price.



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