The Best Digger Attachments For Demolition Projects

digger attachments for demolition

Looking to take on a demolition project but not wanting to invest in a whole new piece of machinery? Try these digger attachments instead!


If you aren’t already familiar, digger attachments are accessories that can be added to a machine, such as an excavator, to make them more suitable to different types of job. Allowing the machine to perform multiple different functions without needing additional machinery or labour. Which can have a huge increase on productivity and efficiency.

When you buy an excavator, if it comes with an attachment it will most likely be a bucket of some variety. These are ideal for carrying out excavation tasks. However, there are a wide range of attachments out there that are capable of turning your excavator into more than just a digging machine. Keep reading to learn about the attachments that’ll make your excavator suitable for demolition work.

digger attachments


Digger breakers, also known as hydraulic breakers, are used to break up concrete, rock, and asphalt. As well as any other hard surface material. By using hydraulic power to produce high impact blows with a chisel tip, the digger breaker is able to break solid surfaces into smaller pieces. Making them ideal for demolition work.

This attachment is made to fit onto excavators, but can also be used on backhoe and skid steer loaders. Digger breakers are suitable for machines ranging from 1 to 80 tonnes.


Crusher buckets are a must-have when it comes to working on a demolition site. This attachment has been designed for use on excavators, to crush and recycle rock, concrete, and other debris. Once the material has been crushed, it can then be used as fill. This helps to reduce the need for bringing more material onto the site, helping cut down costs. Crusher buckets can save you a lot of time, as they allow the operator to redistribute the crushed material which is ideal for backfilling. This means you won’t have to wait around for a dumper to move the load, or for a skip to arrive.

Crusher buckets are typically made to fit excavators between 8 and 15 tonnes, but can be made to fit larger machines too.


Rippers are most commonly used as attachments on excavators, as they’re great for preparing the ground for excavation. The ripper can be used to break up hard soil, tarmac, and concrete. Coming in a range of different shapes and sizes, there’s not many materials this piece of equipment can’t tackle. They’ll also prevent you from putting strain on your digger buckets, which in turn helps to increase the longevity of them.

Rippers are best for use on excavators and can be used on machines starting from 7 tonnes.


Hydra grapples can be used in demolition to sort and move debris around the site with ease. They’re very versatile and the hydraulics allow the operator to control the opening and closing of the grapple. Making it possible to efficiently pick up large and awkwardly shaped debris, such as rocks and logs. The hydra grapple is also useful for situations where it would be difficult or dangerous to carry out manual labour.

The hydra grapple is another attachment that is perfect for use on excavators, in a wide range of different sizes.


All of the above mentioned digger attachments are available to buy from our sister company, Masterhitch Europe Ltd. If these attachments aren’t what you’re looking for, Masterhitch can also create bespoke attachments to fit your specific needs. Contact the Masterhitch team today to get your project started.


At International Plant Sales, we are specialists when it comes to selling used construction machinery. With years of experience, our expert team can provide you with all the information you’ll need. 

If you are looking to take on a demolition project, we currently have a great selection of used excavators for sale that would be ideal for use with the digger attachments mentioned earlier. These include Komatsu excavators ranging from 2 to 8 tonnes, as well as the much  larger 48 tonne Komatsu PC490LC-10. When you purchase a machine from IPS, we can also add Masterhitch attachments to your order.

If you are interested in our used machinery, or have any questions at all, please do get in touch.

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