World’s First Hydrogen Powered Backhoe Loader

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Earlier this month, it was announced that JCB’s new backhoe loader powered by a hydrogen combustion engine has been approved for use on UK roads. In a time where the construction industry is battling to lower its carbon footprint, the release of this machine is a huge step in the right direction.


JCB, who are world leaders in manufacturing construction machinery, have been committed to reducing emissions for 25 years. With the £100 million investment in their project to create super efficient hydrogen engines and their extensive knowledge of heavy machinery, it’s no surprise that JCB have managed to lead the way with the world’s first hydrogen powered backhoe loader. 

The backhoe loader joins the company’s growing fleet of hydrogen fueled machinery. Which already includes a 20 tonne excavator and a telehandler. Along with the mobile hydrogen refuelling unit, JCB are looking to cover all bases. The latest machine is built with a purpose engineered internal combustion engine using hydrogen gas as its source of energy. 

Thanks to the special order granted by the UK government that allows the use of the backhoe loader on UK roads, it won’t be long until this hydrogen machine is being used on construction sites across the country. Helping to promote a net-zero future for the construction industry.


A lot of machine manufacturers are beginning to realise the potential of hydrogen. However Lord Bamford, the Chairman of JCB, believes hydrogen to be the quickest route to achieving the UKs emissions reduction target. Hence the companies focus on producing a full fleet of hydrogen powered machines.

Amongst the companies producing full pieces of machinery, there are also modification businesses that are working on ways to convert machines. Such as this project which saw two excavators successfully converted from diesel power to hydrogen-electric. Proving that there is potential to save old machines rather than having to purchase new ones. 

Amongst the many environmental benefits that hydrogen has, a big one for workers on site will be the reduction of fumes. With hydrogen expelling just heat and water, there will be noticeably less visible fumes and smell.


The latest hydrogen powered offering from JCB looks to be a clean alternative to their already popular backhoe loader, the JCB 3CX. 

If you’re in the market to buy a secondhand backhoe loader, we would definitely recommend the JCB 3CX. This machine has a wide range of features that helps to take automation to the next level. Making the 3CX extremely easy to use. The engine provides high torque with maximum efficiency. Whilst the cab offers operators ultimate comfort with a spacious design and well thought out control layout. As well producing minimum levels of noise, which improves the machines safety.

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Information correct as of 28/02/23

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