Keeping Your Used Construction Machinery Secure On Site

your used construction machinery

Did you know that in the UK, around one million pounds worth of equipment is stolen from construction sites every week? With only around 10% of this being recovered by police. This isn’t just an issue within the UK either, it’s happening worldwide. Thieves are often drawn to construction sites due to the lack of security and machines being easy to access. Especially as most sites are outside, making them difficult to keep secure.

Are you worried about keeping your used construction machinery safe and secure? Fear not, as we’re about to share some tips to help you.


Keep the site well lit

Having lights on your construction site is a simple way to help deter thieves and vandals. As it may lead them to believe workers are still on site. They should also be put off by the fact lights will make them more visible. Meaning they are more at risk of being seen by passers by, who would hopefully report anything suspicious. Having security lights that activate when motion is detected is also a good idea. This should alarm anyone snooping around your used construction machinery and cause them to leave.

Use alarms and cameras

We know it’s not possible on every type of site. But if you can, installing cameras and an alarm system can be really beneficial. Cameras might not stop someone messing with your used construction machinery, but it’ll make it a lot easier to catch them with a clear image of who they are. With an alarm, the sound should stop a thief in their tracks. Although if it doesn’t, the noise will at least alert people in the surrounding area who could report it. Using signage that says CCTV is in operation will also help to deter thieves and vandals.

Park machines in difficult positions

When possible, you should always park your machinery somewhere that is locked away. Especially open-cabbed machines that are easier to gain access to. When this isn’t possible, try to park your machines as awkwardly as possible. We’re talking against a wall, with little space either side, or with something blocking it. Doing so will make it harder for thieves to get your machine out of the area quickly. Making it less appealing to steal.

Use security tags and tracking devices

Adding some form of security tag to your used construction machinery is a great idea. This’ll make it easier for police to identify a stolen machine as yours. You should also look into placing tracking devices on your used construction machinery. If you can, place them somewhere discreet where a thief might not notice. Then if the worst happens, you’ll at least have a chance to track its location and update police on where it could have been taken.

Ensure keys are stored securely

Having machinery keys that are easily accessible is handy when working. But not ideal when you’ve left the site for the night. Keys not being locked away, or stored in obvious places, makes it really easy for thieves. Ensure all keys are locked away somewhere secure and hidden. If possible, also make sure you have different keys for different machines. Machinery that shares the same key makes it too easy for thieves to have free reign over a range of equipment.


Even with all of these preventative measures in place, sometimes a thief just can’t be put off. This is why it’s really important to make sure you have insurance that covers your used construction machinery being stolen. In the event of a theft, report it to the police as soon as possible. The quicker it’s reported, the higher the chances of recovery. The chances will be even higher if you’re able to provide identifying information about the machinery such as registration and serial numbers. Any photos or video that show identifiable features will also help.

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Information correct as of 23/01/23


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