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Considering upgrading your fleet of machines? Looking at used excavators for sale? There are many benefits of buying a used excavator. Benefits beyond just the price of the machine compared to that of a brand new excavator! At International Plant Sales we stock a variety of used excavators. All with only one previous owner and low working hours. Excavators are such versatile machines, you’re sure to find something that will suit your project needs.

Komatsu PC26 MR-3

Mini excavators are machines that weigh under 4535kg. With the Komatsu PC26 MR-3s coming in at under 3000kg, they make a great mini digger. The size of these excavators makes it easy to get into construction sites that have limited space. The PC26 also offers optimal power and digger speed in confined spaces where other machines struggle. These machines are ideal for home projects and working in residential areas. Due to the lower levels of noise this Komatsu produces. The size of these mini diggers also makes them much quicker and easier to transport than larger excavators. The PC26 MR-3 also features a tilting cab, making maintenance tasks much easier. 

To view all the Komatsu PC26 MR-3 machines we currently have available, click here.

Komatsu PC138

These tracked excavators are extremely versatile. Just some of the common uses being trenching, landscaping, site preparation and demolition. The steel tracks on the PC138 make it perfect for working on uneven ground. Tracked excavators offer better grip on uneven terrain than wheeled excavators. There is also the option to add different attachments to the PC138, making its range of uses even wider! Just a couple of the attachments available include a concrete pourer and grapple. If you’re looking at used excavators for sale to help save some money. You’ll be glad to know that this machine also uses fuel saving technology. Helping to maximise your fuel cost savings.

View our Komatsu PC138  machines and full specification here.

Why should I look at used excavators for sale?


One of the main benefits of buying second hand is the price. Used excavators will obviously be less expensive than a brand new machine. If you are able to find a used excavator for sale that has been properly maintained. Then you’ll likely be getting a machine that is just as good as a newer excavator, for a fraction of the price! 

Keeps its value

Purchasing a used excavator means you’ll avoid the depreciation of value that comes with buying a brand new machine. Used construction machinery will hold its value for much longer if you keep it well maintained. By doing this, you may even be able to sell it on for close to the same price you paid for it once you’re ready to upgrade.


Buying a used excavator reduces the demand on construction machinery production. Therefore, cutting down on the amount of natural resources needed to manufacture these machines. Plastic, rubber, and oil are a big part of what makes up an excavator. So buying a second hand digger means you’re helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your purchase.

Looking for something else?

Are you looking for a machine we haven’t mentioned in this post? Don’t worry – we have plenty of used construction equipment and machine accessories available on our website. You can view our full range of products here

Don’t forget we can also provide you with a wide range of digger attachments from buckets to grapples. Plus bespoke custom made digger attachments too, as our sister company Masterhitch have a fantastic team of designers, engineers, fabricators and welders too.

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Information correct as of 31/10/22

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