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Used for carrying heavy loads of construction and demolition material. Site dumpers are an essential piece of construction equipment. Moving things like rubble, sand, earth, and an endless list of excavating material, becomes light work when you buy a dumper.

Site dumpers are really handy pieces of machinery to have on your construction site. You can read all about why you should buy one here. But, there are things that could go wrong whilst operating a site dumper if you aren’t fully trained on how to do so safely. However, there’s one type of accident that happens more often than others. This is the machine overturning. Often on slopes, edges of embankments, and rough uneven ground. Overturning your machine can lead to devastating results. So, we’ve put together a few tips on how to avoid this.

Do’s and don’ts of using a dumper

Do plan your machine usage

Planning is an important part of any construction project. So, planning when you’ll be using your dumper is no different. Try to plan things like who will be operating the machine, what size dumper you’ll need, and where the machine will be used. Doing this will help with your risk assessment and putting measures in place to avoid accidents.

Do use stop blocks

When you buy a dumper, it would also be worth investing in some stop blocks to go with it. Stop blocks should be positioned at a safe distance from the edge of an excavation, pit, or soil heap. This will help to prevent your dumper from rolling and falling in whilst tipping materials.

Do check weather conditions

Remember to check the weather before starting work.You’ll need to be mindful of any heavy rain or storms. As these conditions can make the ground very slippery and less stable for your dumper. 

Don’t overload

It’s so important to ensure you don’t exceed the safe load capacity of your machine. Doing so can cause the dumper to be at a higher risk of tipping over as it becomes unbalanced. When you buy a dumper, you should receive the machine specification. This will contain all the information you’ll need on the appropriate loading weights for your dumper.

Don’t drive with a tipped skip

Driving your dumper with the skip tipped can be hazardous. As it causes the machine to be much less steady and unbalanced. Making it more susceptible to losing balance and overturning.

Don’t drive on uneven ground

Dumpers are designed to be used off road on construction sites. Their deeply grooved rubber tyres make them excellent for this. However, you should still try to avoid operating your dumper on steep slopes and heavily uneven terrain. As these factors can decrease the dumper stability.

Ensure operators are fully trained

One of the main contributing factors to dumper accidents is inexperienced operators. Inexperience can cause danger to both the drivers and those around them. To avoid this, you should ensure that when you buy a dumper, you have someone who is fully trained to operate it safely. Diggerland Plant Training School offers dumper courses. As well as a range of other machinery and health and safety courses. Which are great for less experienced machine operators and anyone who may need a refresher.

Looking to buy a dumper?

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Information correct as of 25/10/22

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