How does the drop in the GB pound affect buying used construction machinery?

used construction machinery

On Monday 26th September it was announced that the British pound has dropped in value against the American dollar. This has come as a result of the government’s decision to cut taxes. Which was announced by the chancellor on Friday 23rd September.

Although some impacts from this decrease in value will be felt almost immediately, it’s thought that lasting effects will only be felt if the value stays down for a year or more. One of the biggest immediate effects of this news is that it now means it’s cheaper. For people around the world to buy goods and services from Britain it will now be cheaper, but more expensive for Britain to buy from other countries.

How will this affect the construction industry?

This news will likely have both positive and negative effects on most industries. We want to take a closer look at how this will affect the construction industry and the buying and selling of used construction machinery.

As mentioned, it will become more expensive for UK businesses to import from outside of Britain. So, any construction companies usually sourcing materials or machinery from abroad will likely notice a hit by this. They may start looking to buy from more local sources to avoid the rise in import costs.

It will come as good news to anyone outside of the UK who purchases exported goods from Britain. The weaker pound will make it cheaper for people around the world to buy from UK-based businesses, meaning buyers should be getting more value for their money. 

We may also see an increase in foreign business investment – particularly in the property sector. A weakened pound becomes increasingly attractive to international companies looking to build in the UK. With this we would hope to see a rise in used construction machinery sales. We know that machines such as excavators and skid-steer loaders are some of the most common construction machinery used in housing development. You can read more about how these types of machines can be of use in the construction of property here.

What this means for IPS

At International Plant Sales we sell a wide range of used construction machinery to customers all over the world. We also provide international shipping using only reputable and trusted shipping companies to ensure machines arrive in the same excellent condition as when they were sold. 

Due to the weakening of the pound, this means our customers buying used construction machinery from outside the UK may be receiving an even better deal and getting more for their currency.

More benefits of purchasing from International Plant Sales

Excellent condition

Our staff at International Plant Sales will carry out a thorough inspection on all machines when they arrive from either H.E. SERVICES or Diggerland. Any damage detected on the diggers will be repaired and replaced, to ensure all of our machines are in the best possible condition when sold. 

Low hours

All of our machines have relatively low hours due to their ages and having had only one previous owner. This makes them great for anyone looking to get a second life out of them.


Customers that buy any used construction machinery from us, will receive a warranty on all major parts and components. 

Take a look at what International Plant Sales have to offer

You can browse the full range of used construction machinery we currently have available, with more being added frequently. We are more than happy to send over any additional photos and videos of our machines in operation. If you would like a quote to buy any of our machines, then get in touch with our sales team today.

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All information correct as of 27/09/22

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