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The Komatsu PC138 is a versatile machine that can do big jobs in smaller and more challenging places. 

Working on roads, around bridges or on building sites, there are nearly always challenges that you will face. Awkward angles, tight space, inhospitable environments. These are issues that are faced in construction every day.

The Komatsu PC138 is large enough so that it can handle big jobs that are needed on some bigger sites. However, it is also small enough and agile enough to be used in many challenging areas where other diggers just won’t do.

Here we will look at the machine in some more detail, and then you will realise just how fantastic this machine is.

Inside the cab of the Komatsu PC138

First of all, let’s take a closer look at the cab of this vehicle. After all, this is where the operator will be spending the vast majority of their time. It makes sense to begin here.

The PC138 has a large cab that meets ISO working space standards to provide secure, safe, and comfortable operation for the operator. The fully pressed high-rigidity of the cab used viscous cab mounting for reduced noise. A low noise designed cab is something frequently overlooked, and a feature that cannot be overstated.

The sliding convex door gives easy entrance in confined areas and helps reduce any danger

of the machine being damaged on roadways due to the fact that the door does not protrude when open.

Stability and Track Durability of the Komatsu PC138

You will find that the track of the Komatsu PC138 has a high link-height with a large diameter pin and bushing which gives this amazing tracked excavator higher durability in the tracking.

For any machine that is being put to work in difficult environments, stability is of vital importance. The Komatsu PC138 really comes into its own in this regard. The track length on the ground is a generous 2.88m. This helps with the impressive lifting capacity of the machine. The stability is further enhanced by the large counterweight which requires no additional clearance. Again, perfect for challenging jobs.

Working Ranges and Mobility

The working range of the Komatsu PC138 is seriously impressive. The maximum digging height of the PC138 is far superior to that of the PC130. Raising the boom on this digger to a wider angle really increases the overall working performance.

Of course, if needed, the Komatsu PC138 can offer a shorter swing range than many other tracked excavators in the same category. This is perfect for working in confined spaces where restricted working areas are a necessity.

We love that on job sites which require a long upper reach, such as demolition and slope cutting, benefit from the increased digging and dumping ranges of the PC138. There are so many positives with this machine and they cannot be overstated.

The large drawbar pull and steering force display its ability when operating on a slope. The Komatsu PC138’s travel speed changes to Hi or Lo automatically at optimal points according to the travel load. This lets the operator concentrate more on the job in hand without having to control the speed changes manually. A very useful feature indeed.

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Superior Productivity of the Komatsu PC138

One notable feature of the Komatsu PC138 is its exceptional power and work capacity which comes from the fantastic Komatsu SAA4D95LE-3 engine.

The output of this amazing engine is 66 kW (88 HP), giving you increased hydraulic power while improving fuel efficiency. The engine in this tracked excavator meets emissions regulations, including CARB, EPA, and EC Stage II. The efficiency of the engine helps to reduce noise levels for greater operator comfort.

There is also exceptional digging power in the Komatsu PC138. The bucket on this machine operates with a 9,500 kilogram force (kgf), and the arm has an impressive 6,300 kilogram force (kgf) of power. This is superior power for superior working.

Buy A Komatsu PC138 from International Plant Sales

The Komatsu PC138 is a stable, hardworking tracked excavator that is more than capable of getting on with tough jobs in tough situations. Not only that, this digger is also fuel efficient and safe. Not to mention that it also has a low emission output for better environmental working.

If this machine sounds like what you are missing from your workforce, then visit International Plant Sales and see our Komatsu PC138s which are available to purchase now. Well maintained and serviced. You won’t find a better and more competitively priced tracked excavator of this kind anywhere else.

If you’re looking to buy a Komatsu PC138, then be sure to contact the team today. Our experienced team will be able to assist in finding a machine to suit your needs. Give us a call on 01634 779123 or email us.

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