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The world’s number one telehandler manufacturer is extending its range, yes you guessed it, JCB. If you’re in the market to buy a JCB then you’re in luck. October marked the release of the new JCB rotating telehandlers, the 21 metre 555-210R and the 26 metre 555-260R. 

Let’s take a look at the specifications for the new products, as well as some of the telehandlers for sale at International Plant Sales. 


So the rotating telehandlers were released last year, what’s the big deal? Well it’s a whopping £5 million deal that JCB have just made!

A local plant hire company has recently invested in 25 new rotating JCB telehandlers, which is fantastic news for JCB. The rotating telehandler market is certainly on the up, so it’s great that a well trusted brand such as JCB, are at the forefront of the trend.

Steve Fox, the JCB Managing Director of Global Major Accounts states that “The sector is changing and with customers demanding even more versatile, higher reach machines with the capability of operating in confined spaces”. It was therefore always going to be the next logical step for the major construction machinery manufacturer. 

So what can the new rotating telehandlers offer, and why are customers raving about the productivity of them? 

JCB 555-210R

Let’s start with the 21 metre telehandler, the 555-210R. This particular model has the capacity to lift a maximum of 5.5 tonnes, and lift materials up to 20.5 metres high!

On top of these fantastic specs, the 555-210R can be set up quickly, promoting an increase in productivity. 360 degrees visibility is also something to boast about, which will definitely boost site safety for operators. 

When you buy a JCB 555-210R it is fitted as standard with:

  • Separate load monitoring screens
  • High pivoting second joystick arm
  • Permanent 4-wheel drive availability
  • Seat presence detection
  • Wide door opening
  • Anti-slip steps on all four corners of the machine
  • Extra large stabiliser feet for site safety

It is clear that JCB have designed this machine with productivity, reliability, versatility and safety in mind. It certainly is a machine for all operators to use. 

JCB 555-260R

As mentioned previously the JCB 555-260R is a remarkable 26 metre rotating telehandler. It has the capability to lift materials up to 25.5 metres high. With a 1112kW engine, there won’t be much that this telehandler can’t complete!

Similar to the JCB 555-210R, the 555-260R is also powered by JCB’s efficient Ecomax engines, which are highly rated by most operators. Behind every successful plant equipment is a powerful engine!

Both models are also excellent cost-effective replacements for fixed cranes. The telehandlers have the ability to carry out plenty of technical lifting functions. Especially when they are compatible with a range of pallet forks, carriage winches, jib winches as well as buckets and plenty of fork-mounted accessories. When you buy a JCB 555-260R it is fitted as standard with:

  • Extra large outrigger pads and mats
  • Twin lift ram design
  • All round mirrors
  • LED lighting
  • Wide door opening
  • Anti-slip steps on all four corners of the machine
  • 2 speed hydrostatic transmission with a road speed of up to 40kph

Both machines have been made to exceed customer needs and requirements. Whichever telehandler you choose to buy, always keep in mind that JCB are known for their product quality, and the service they provide. You’ll be guaranteed a fantastic machine for your fleet. This is the main reason why we stock mainly JCB telehandlers here at International Plant Sales. 


Currently available at International Plant Sales, we have the following telehandlers for sale:

If you’re looking to buy a JCB telehandler outside of these sizes, then be sure to check back on our website. We are always updating our stocklist!


If you wish to buy a JCB telehandler, speak to the team at International Plant Sales. There are various machine types, models and various aged machines ranging from 2 to 5 years old.

All of our customers can benefit from: 

  • Machines with low hours
  • All of our equipment is mechanically sounded and in proper working condition
  • One previous owner
  • International shipping is available if required
  • Virtual tours and appointments can be made to check over the machines
  • Our machines come with a warranty that will cover all of the major parts and components

If you’re looking to buy a telehandler, then be sure to contact the team today. Our experienced team will be able to assist in finding a telehandler to suit your needs. Give us a call on 01634 779123 or email us.


Information correct as of 01/07/22

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