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Civil engineering involves the design, construction and maintenance of public projects. This includes roads, bridges, airports, railways and much more. As a result of this, it’s likely you’ll need a range of used plant equipment in order to complete the project.

Some may argue that civil engineering has been affected by the increasing costs of production, lack of resources as well as a decrease in construction workers. Making a sure decision over what used plant equipment you need is a key step to lowering the costs of the overall project.

Various plant equipment perform different tasks, therefore it is always best to research the most appropriate machine for the job. The most common civil engineering machines that are used include excavators, cranes and dump trucks. 

In this week’s digger news, we’re going to be talking about the uses of these machines, and what they’re best for!

Excavators galore!

Excavators are heavy plant equipment that are very versatile. They are one of the most commonly used machines throughout the construction industry. There are various types of excavators, but they can primarily be used for:

  • Home improvement
  • Demolition
  • Soil preparation
  • And of course, digging!

Within civil engineering, excavators are a critical component to completing the project with ease. Different attachments can be added, which increases their use. When a bucket is attached, excavators can be used for trench digging and lifting soil. 

Whereas when fitted with other attachments, their use is improved further. Excavators are able to be used for demolition, for boring holes on the ground or for breaking hard surfaces. You can also mount cutting attachments to excavators which makes them great for cutting trees or splitting logs. 

Depending on the size and type of project, you may want to have a deeper look into the different types of excavator available. Here at International Plant Sales, we have a great range of different used excavators available, including mini, tracked and wheeled excavators. For more information about diggers, check out our advice section here!

Tower cranes

Civil engineering projects can sometimes involve tall structures, such as bridges. When using tower cranes, construction materials are easily lifted into place. These cranes use a system of pulleys, which are usually adjustable when in use.

Cranes are also useful when  lifting materials, such as kentledge, to apply forces on structures. This can be achieved by lifting them to a given high potential which is then released on the components. 

Backhoe loaders

Backhoe loaders are another type of machinery that is used for civil engineering projects. They can perform simple construction tasks such as lifting materials to a desired location or onto another machine, such as a dumper truck. Again, these are versatile machines!

There’s a very obvious reason you’ll see a backhoe loader on nearly every construction site you pass – because they’re very useful. Backhoe loaders are equipped with a front loader bucket and a backhoe attachment at the rear. One of the biggest reasons they’re so popular is because various attachments, such as breakers, can be added in place of the backhoe attachment. This allows more tasks to be completed without needing to switch machines!


Every construction site will have at least one dumper on their fleet, and the civil engineering industry is no different. They are particularly effective when paired up with any of the above used plant equipment. 

Operators can expect to see a few various designs of dumpers, but the main types are forward tipping and rear tipping. Terex and Thwaites are perfect examples of forward tipping dump trucks, and can range anywhere from one tonne to nine tonnes. If you require something bigger, then a Hydrema 912E is a fantastic rear tipping dumper to have on your plant fleet.

Dumpers are mainly used to transport and move materials and debris from place to place on site. They are often one of the most valuable assets to have, aside from excavators of course, so be sure to find out more about our used plant equipment for sale

So now you know the typical types of equipment used for civil engineering projects, now it’s time to look into acquiring them.

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Information correct as of 10/12/21

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