Are you starting a construction project? Here’s plant machinery safety 101!

Plant Machinery Safety

When starting a construction project, it can feel like there’s a million different things to think about. There can also be lots of potential risks to consider – especially when you have multiple workers operating different types of plant machinery. Everyone working with plant machinery should position health and safety at the forefront of their operations and training.


There are lots of potential risks and hazards on building sites, particularly when using plant machinery. Practices such as risk assessment and safety precautions are vital in keeping construction workers safe. 

Before introducing a new piece of equipment, it is important to consider what risks it could pose. Likewise, existing equipment must undergo regular inspections and assessments to ensure it remains safe.

It is important that all workers undergo relevant training and complete health and safety assessments before they start working on a project. Workers should also be trained on any new plant machinery before using it for the first time. Updating risk management on-site should be an ongoing process to ensure compliance with ever changing legislation.


Construction is one of the most dangerous areas of work. It can involve working from heights, operating dangerous machinery and working around potentially hazardous substances such as asbestos. Due to this, construction workers are exposed to a huge array of health related problems.

Another hazard is poor maintenance of machines. Broken or faulty equipment can be a huge risk to users and others at the workplace. All pieces of plant machinery should have inspections carried out on it. Be sure to focus on the critical features as this is where deterioration would cause a risk. These should be done regularly, after a breakdown or when a fault is identified.


All workplaces using plant machinery have a duty of care to their employees to ensure that all machines are safe before each use. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), set out by the government in 1998, set out how employers can do so.

Before using a new piece of equipment, all workplaces should: 

  • Check the machine is complete, including safeguards, and CE marked or UKCA marked if made post Brexit.
  • Produce a safe system of work for using and maintaining the equipment and ensure users are aware of this
  • Check the machine is installed correctly.

If your business or organisation uses plant machinery, then you are responsible for ensuring:

  • All machines are suitable for intended use
  • Machines are accompanied by suitable health and safety measured, such as protective devices and controls. 
  • Guarding, emergency stop devices, clearly visible markings and warning devices.
  • Plants are maintained in a safe condition
  • Machinery is only used by individuals who have received adequate information, instruction and training


Getting started on a new project can be a huge challenge. Whether you’re beginning a project at a residential home or commercial property, it’s still important to ensure you have high-quality, reliable machines to get you through the job. (That’s where we come in!)

We make sure to only sell machines from the best manufacturers, including Komatsu, JCB, Liugong and many others. Feel free to take a look around our website, here, to find out more about International Plant Sales.

All of our second hand plants were previously used at our Diggerland UK Theme Parks across the UK. They have extremely low hours and are in pristine condition as they have never been used on a construction site. Plus, to give you peace of mind, all of our machines come with a warranty. 

Fitted to everyone’s needs, we ensure we have a wide variety of machines available. Whether you’re looking for a mini excavator, dumper truck or backhoe loader, make sure you check out our full stocklist here.


One of our most popular machines are tracked excavators, largely because they offer so many benefits to a project – especially if you’re working on uneven ground. At the moment, we have a number of Komatsu tracked excavators for sale here.

Alternatively, a must have on any building project is a wheeled excavator. These are most commonly used for landscaping projects, material handling and demolition. When you’re looking at construction machinery, be sure not to confuse wheeled excavators with backhoe loaders. The biggest difference between them is the additional backhoe loader located at the rear of the loaders, compared to the wheeled excavators.

Telehandlers are a great option for agricultural or construction projects. They’re by far the best machine to use in replacement of a forklift. They have a telescopic cylinder which allows you to use the plant as a crane. You can use a number of different attachments, including buckets and forks. 

All of our telehandlers are super popular as they’re extremely versatile. Check out our Komatsu and Manitou telehandlers here.

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