Komatsu Electric Diggers – Coming Soon To The Market


In a world full of evolving technology and projects, electric cars are not the only electric object being introduced to the market.

Electric diggers are now growing considerably in popularity, and we can certainly see why. In recent news, well-known brand Komatsu, have been seen to be testing out battery powered diggers.

Find out what you need to know about electric diggers and how you can benefit, as well as how International Sales, formerly BuyADigger, can help you.


Komatsu is an incredibly well known brand in the construction industry. The company was originally founded in 1921. It has gone from strength to strength in terms of the quality of machines on offer to the market. 

Being one of the leading manufacturers of plant, it’s no surprise that Komatsu is now looking into producing alternative choices of machinery. There is already stiff competition in the plant industry when it comes to electric diggers. With the likes of JCB and Hitachi, it was only a matter of time until Komatsu upped their game to produce emission free plant equipment. 


As a company, do you contribute to the already sky-high amount of air pollution? Are you looking for machines to curb your emissions? Well you’re in luck!

Komatsu has recently partnered up with US company, Proterra Inc to explore a range of mini and midi electric diggers. Currently, Proterra Inc. produces battery packs and electric buses. 

Although testing is being carried out in 2021, it is unlikely that we will see any battery powered diggers from Komatsu until at least 2023 or 2024. In recent news, the government is tightening their belts when it comes to reducing emissions. Plant equipment manufacturers in China, Japan and South Korea have joined the pledge to become more carbon neutral, as they shift away from fossil-fuel engines. 

Komatsu already tested out the market back in 2008 when they released the world’s first hybrid excavator. We are expecting big things from the Japanese company.


There are plenty of reasons to swap to electric diggers, and here’s a few:


The most important factor is air pollution. When electric diggers are used instead, the amount of cO2 emissions is reduced dramatically. With more companies being told to reduce their carbon footprint, this is a simple way to cut carbon emissions without sacrificing the efficiency of the diggers. 

Higher efficiency

Electric diggers are proven to be more efficient than a diesel motor. The machine will only be used when the operator is working, this will therefore save ‘fuel’ when it is sitting in idle mode. It is always best to get the engine running first, however this will be time saving for an operator, as electric diggers can be started up and used straight away.

Cheaper costs

Most electric diggers have been designed with a big enough battery to manage at least 6 – 8 hours of work before it has to be charged. Even then on average it will only take an hour to charge, this could be done on a lunch break.

Using a battery to power a digger instead of fuel will be cost considerably less. Diesel will cost a lot more in comparison to charging a battery up. 


The main advantage of using battery powered diggers is the noise emitted from the machinery. Electric diggers are practically silent, apart from a murmur of the engine running. In contrast to a diesel motor, electric diggers will be permitted to work in noise-restricted areas.

Would you consider switching to electric diggers instead?


At present, we do not have any electric diggers for sale. However, we do stock a large variety of Komatsu diggers. Whether you require a mini/midi digger for small projects, or large tracked excavators for a construction site, we have what you need. View all of our machines for sale here.

Here at IPS, we have a range of used plant equipment available. We can offer you high quality, used equipment, that is ready to be put to work. 

When you buy used construction machinery including Komatsu diggers you will receive a machine that:

  • Comes with a manufacturer’s service history
  • Includes a warranty on all major parts and components
  • Has only one previous owner
  • Has low hours
  • That can be shipped worldwide for an additional cost

Should you wish to schedule an appointment to inspect the machine, or arrange a virtual tour, we would be happy to assist.

Contact us today via email or call us on: (+44) 1634 779123.

All information correct as of: 4th February 2021. 

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