Site Dumpers For Sale, But Which Is Right For Your Construction Needs?

Red Diesel in Construction Machinery

There are many used site dumpers for sale in the UK, but how do you know which one is right for your needs?

Various manufacturers provide site dumpers for sale such as Thwaites, Terex, Hydrema and Yanmar. As such each of these manufacturers will add various features and specifications. Some you will find irrelevant, however certain ones you will most definitely find beneficial. It’s all about getting the right balance between operator comfort and machine functionality. 

Thwaites Site Dumpers For Sale

Thwaites is a British based company, located in Warwickshire, England. They have been a long standing brand in the UK, founded in 1937. Running for many years, they stick to what they do best and that is being leaders in the design and manufacturing of site dumpers. As such Thwaites is a well respected brand in the UK and are held as the go to manufacturer when it comes to buying site dumpers. You will see many of this popular brands site dumpers far and wide across the UK on motorways and construction sites. Thwaites manufacture a variety of site dumpers in varying sizes from one tonne up to 9 tonne. 

Terex Site Dumpers

Terex is an American manufacturer who sell mainly lifting and material-handling plant machinery to a diverse construction market. Industries such as quarrying, mining, shipping and recycling all use Terex machinery. You may know Terex better for the design and manufacture of tower cranes, concrete mixer trucks and telehandlers. 

Terex have formed many excellent relationships, partnerships and acquisitions over the years. These being with the likes of Volvo and JCB predominantly. In 2015, JCB acquired Terex site dumpers and manufactured these in Rocester, JCB’s UK headquarters site. Although manufactured by JCB, the Terex name was attributed to the site dumpers. This acquisition lasted for two years, when in 2017 JCB decided they would part from Terex and instead manufacture JCB branded site dumpers themselves. 

You can still purchase Terex site dumpers second hand, however if you do it is best to purchase directly from a reputable UK seller, such as International Plant Sales. Ensure the Terex site dumper is serviced and that it comes with a warranty. Parts are still available to buy both in the UK and around the world. 

Yanmar Dumpers

Yanmar is a Japanese company and they are specialists in providing compact equipment to the construction market. They are a globally recognised company with two production sites in Europe. They pride themselves on providing reliable and high quality products, all with the very best and up to date technology. 

If you need a dumper that is on the smaller side perhaps for landscaping or civil engineering works, then a Yanmar dumper could very well be the best choice. 


If you have been looking at the site dumpers for sale but think you need something larger and more robust, then a dump truck could suit your needs. 

Hydrema have been manufacturing dump trucks amongst other construction machinery since 1985. They are an international company which means spares and parts can be easily found all over the world. In addition, many plant specialists both in the UK and internationally are very familiar with Hydrema and so finding someone to service the machine is rarely ever an issue. 

Why Buy Used Plant Machinery From A UK Seller?

Buying used plant machinery from a reputable UK seller can be a great choice for many reasons. 

Firstly, the UK have some excellent British born manufacturers at their disposal such as the world renowned JCB brand and Thwaites. In addition, manufacturers around the world use the UK as a base for manufacturing plant equipment, take Komatsu with their site in County Durham for example. 

Great Britain prides itself on delivering high quality products and services which are held in great esteem around the world. Any plant dealer in the UK will want to uphold their excellent British business reputation. In addition, the UK consistently appears in the top ranks of the respected Global Innovation Index. 

UK businesses are well supported by the government, meaning there is much security when buying from a British retailer or plant dealer. Even during a pandemic, many British businesses are receiving support and grants from the government. Therefore you are safe knowing that you are buying quality machinery from a business supported by a well-backed and financially stable economy. 

Britain’s financial technology is one of the best in the world. Therefore you will have peace of mind knowing that sending your money to the UK will ensure the utmost security and protection.

The UK is very well regulated and the government insists that businesses in the UK adhere to very strict standards and practises. Should a business fail to meet the UK’s very high standards, it will face extreme penalties. Therefore UK businesses ensure they adhere to the rules.

The UK has now officially left the EU meaning you could benefit from better exchange rates if buying internationally. 

Ready to Buy A Used Site Dumper?

Here at International Plant Sales, we have a range of used construction machinery available. We can offer you high quality, used equipment. 

When you buy used construction machinery from International Plant Sales you will receive a machine that:

  • Comes with a manufacturer’s service history
  • Includes a warranty on all major components
  • Has one previous owner
  • Has low hours
  • That can be delivered internationally for an additional cost

We are more than happy to send over any additional photos and videos of our machines in operation. Should you wish to schedule an appointment to inspect the machine.

Contact us today via email or call us on: (+44) 1634 779123.

All information correct as of: 28th January 2021.

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