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Over the past few years technology has increased in more ways than one. It can also be seen evolving and growing in most industries. How does this relate to the construction industry we hear you ask?

It has now become the norm to fly a drone over a construction site for a multitude of reasons, so why not welcome more uses of AI within this particular sector. Despite a slow uptake in allowing AI to be used on sites, construction leaders are developing a greater interest in using AI technology. Are we now finally seeing technology develop, and being used to its advantages?

What is AI?

AI is the abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence. In short, it essentially means that technology is now being programmed to complete tasks that would normally require human intelligence. AI is now on the rise in the construction industry. Due to the rise in demand for new build homes, mass commercial building structures and other requirements, construction companies are looking to improve their projects. Using AI could be a way of streamlining the projects to be able to meet strict deadlines and overcome any issues.

How will it affect the construction industry?

You may be wondering how AI can be used within the construction industry, and what benefits will come from using it?


Adapting to the use of AI on a construction site, will in time essentially save you money. Despite spending time planning out projects, they always seem to go over budget. AI has now been incorporated to anticipate cost overruns based on things such as project size, contract type and the level of the operators and site workers. 

AI uses pattern recognition and past data to assist with managing schedules, and any future projects. This in turn will allow companies to reduce costs, delays and any downtime on site. Machine learning, which is one of the main components of AI, revolves around technology taking on unlimited amounts of data and learning from patterns and algorithms. The benefit of using this on a construction site is that it will suggest improvements to plans and projects based on previously learnt information.


The construction sector is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. As workers are constantly surrounded by heavy construction equipment, health and safety is vital in this particular working environment.

AI is now being used to improve the overall safety on a construction site. With additional cameras, sensors and monitors, staff will be informed immediately of any potential threats and safety hazards. Any unsafe areas will be logged instantly, and used for reference on any future projects. Construction sites using AI will reduce the risk of any unfortunate accidents, saving lives and increasing efficiency in the workforce.


Whilst operators are qualified to operate different types of plant equipment, when they are expected to operate various machinery in a short amount of time, mistakes happen. Using AI to assist with repetitive routine tasks will allow the operator to focus their time on completing more complicated jobs, which will also reduce the amount of errors made on site.


We have already seen some industries branching out into autonomous transport, such as Tesla electric cars and big brands such as Komatsu and Caterpillar are also onboard. 

The mining industry was one of the first to incorporate self-driving technology in everyday work. Construction timelines can be reduced as machines can work overnight, ready for human workers in the morning to continue. Would you invest in AI for your construction projects?


Here at IPS , we have a range of used construction machinery available. Although we can’t currently offer you autonomous machines, we can however offer you high quality, used
equipment instead.

When you buy used construction machinery from IPS you will receive a machine that:

  • Comes with a manufacturer’s service history
  • Includes a 1 month warranty on all major components
  • Has one previous owner
  • Has low hours
  • That can be delivered internationally for an additional cost

We are more than happy to send over any additional photos and videos of our machines in operation. Should you wish to schedule an appointment to inspect the machine.

Contact us today via email or call us on: (+44) 1634 779123.

All information correct as of: 2nd December 2020.

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