Buy a road roller – Bomag VS Ammann rollers

buy a road roller - bomag and ammann

With many brands of rollers now available on the market, which one would you pick?

Two brands that stand out for us include Bomag and Ammann. They are very popular choices for any building work, but is there much difference? This week we compare both brands to highlight the differences and similarities of their rollers.

What is a roller?

Rollers have been operating for a very long time. Originally, the first roller invented was actually horse drawn until steam rollers were manufactured in the 1860s. Steam rollers were a popular choice for most individuals until diesel powered rollers were then introduced in the 1950s.

A roller, also known as a roller-compactor, is a type of machine that is utilised to compress soil and other fine materials. It works by crushing the surface below, and rolling over it using the solid drum. The smooth surface is produced due to the increased amount of vibration from the drums of the roller.

Rollers are normally used for small to medium sized building projects, depending on the size of the roller. They often complete work that is based on the roadside, or repair footpaths and other areas that have size restrictions.

The type of roller required will differ depending on the type of project you have. Currently, the following rollers are available to buy:

  • Smooth wheeled rollers
  • Pneumatic rollers
  • Grid rollers
  • Sheepsfoot rollers
  • Vibratory rollers, also known as Tandem Rollers

About Ammann

Ammann first joined the market in 1869 when the family business was set up. In 1911 the first motorised Ammann road roller was produced. Being one of the world’s leading suppliers of mixing plants and rollers, they have a huge expectation to live up to in the construction world.

If you’re looking to buy a road roller you will be getting a machine with many perks. 


All Ammann rollers are designed and engineered around the operation of the machine. A lot of detail has gone into ensuring that operators can move the machine around with ease. The roller has been produced with a simple display, easy to reach controls and levers, and access to amend the amplitude and frequency.

Driver visibility

Depending on the model you opt for, the majority of Ammann rollers are made with a rotating operator seat. It isn’t always possible to see everything going on around you on a busy work site, therefore this helpful feature will provide the operator with additional visibility.

Servicing and maintenance

Should you require access to the fluid ports or any maintenance points, they are easy to gain access to. If you buy a road roller from International Plant Sales, we will be able to show you how easy it is to find these compartments.

Ammann AV26-2 Roller - R00084_1

Buy a road roller

About Bomag

Bomag has been operating since 1957, and has over 2,500 employees at present. Not only do they stock high quality rollers they can also provide pavers, recyclers and compactors. 

Currently, Bomag produce:Bomag roller

  • Heavy articulated steered tandem rollers between 5 and 16 tonne
  • Light tandem rollers under 5 tonne
  • Heavy pivot steered tandem rollers between 5 and 12 tonne
  • Pneumatic tyred rollers 

Bomag works to their motto of “excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better”. With over 60 years of designing road rollers, their main aim is to always increase each model, whether it is to increase the productivity or make it more economical. 


Bomag rollers are manufactured with a Bomag Economiser. This is a feature that will allow the operator to see when optimum compaction has been reached. The economiser automatically decides when the surface has been compressed enough or it needs more work. A warning light will appear is it thinks there is a potential risk of over compacting the material.

Operator comfort

Bomag rollers are made as standard with adjustable seats to suit the operator. The roller is also fitted with integrated vibration control, allowing the operator to move the machine comfortably without the unnecessary vibration when moving. With a compact steering wheel and a dashboard consisting of large switches, the operator will be able to use the roller with ease.

Servicing and maintenance

Bomag rollers are ‘virtually maintenance-free’. The brand has tried to implement this across all of their rollers to make it easier for the operator to make the most of the machine. All Bomag rollers are fitted with unique airtight bearings, which is just one of the ways that reduce the amount of time spent maintaining the roller. 

The engine, water pump and electrics are also easily reached should they need to be serviced.

About H. E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

H. E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are the UKs largest specialist excavator hire company. With 10 UK depots and delivery available, their machines can be hired out from practically anywhere.

Whether you’re looking to hire an digger, dumper, or any other type of plant equipment we would highly recommend contacting the team today.

Among the H. E. SERVICES fleet, the Bomag brand is very popular with their customers. If you want to test out a Bomag roller, the 800mm, 1200mm, 1350mm and the trench roller are available for short or long term rental.

Bomag Trench Roller

Bomag Roller


Information correct as of 24/08/20

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