3 Unique Reasons to Buy A Telehandler

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Welcome to the latest post about used telehandlers for sale, and unique ways to incorporate a telehandler in everyday situations. So the question is why would you buy a telehandler?


Telehandlers can be known as a telescopic handler or a teleporter. This type of plant equipment is used mainly to move palletised loads in areas where a conventional forklift can not operate. They are used in the construction and agricultural industries as they’re equally as efficient on the road as they are on terrain.

Depending on the model of the machine, telehandlers can extend the telescopic boom to various lengths and heights.

Although traditional pallet forks are the most popular attachments, telehandlers also use a wide range of attachments including but not limited to:

  • Earth moving buckets
  • Access platforms
  • Man cages


Construction and agricultural sites 

Telehandlers are usually the first piece of plant equipment on site, and tend to be used until the project is complete. They are mainly used to unload and move materials around the site. Typically, when moving on uneven ground, a regular forklift would be inappropriate to use. Additionally, using their extending boom makes unloading vehicles much easier.

Film Sets

A not so obvious location for a telehandler would be on a film set. Telehandlers are a must-have for film crews. They have various uses, both on and around a film set, and not just for moving things around!

Using a man cage attachment would enable a cameraman to get great birds-eye-view shots easily. This would normally involve the use of a crane, or building a scaffold tower which can take days to erect and dismantle.

They are also great for lighting scenes. If you were to buy a telehandler, you could utilise the telescopic boom to light areas that would otherwise prove hard to access. Telehandlers can also be used for:

  • Moving scenery and backdrops around. This specific job would be taken down and moved by hand, so cutting out the middle man will be time efficient.
  • Used by the stunt teams for various filming and stunt double techniques.


Music festivals aim to promote some of the biggest acts from around the world. Appealing to millions of people, festivals take a lot of planning and preparation to set up. Telehandlers are a popular type of plant machinery at the majority of music festivals.

Most of you will probably have heard of Reading or the Isle of Wight Festival. Both festivals will at some point have used a telehandler to set up different stages, mount speakers, and to safely move equipment etc. 

Formula 1

Telehandlers can also be seen around the track of most Motorsports events. Telehandlers are incredibly efficient in removing damaged vehicles from the track quickly and safely. The advantage of using a telehandler in this type of atmosphere, is that they are great on all terrains. Whether you’re operating on grass or tarmac, a telehandler is a great addition to any track.


Our sister company Masterhitch Europe Ltd are leaders in the manufacturing of bespoke digger attachments and buckets Here at IPS, we work closely with their qualified engineers to meet the needs of our customers. Any of our customers that want to purchase a Hooker Quick Hitch, or any attachments for their used construction machinery, we can provide an additional quote to cover this. As well as providing the best high-quality digger attachments, Masterhtich also offer bespoke services including welding, profile cutting, bucket rehangs and repairs.

If you’re looking to buy a telehandler, please contact us to discuss any extra attachments from Masterhitch.


Diggerland Adventure Theme Park is a construction themed attraction, allowing children and adults the chance to operate real life construction machinery. Based in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire, Diggerland have 20 different rides and drives to suit all ages. After 3 years the machines are replaced and then passed on to the sales team at IPS to sell.


At IPS we stock only the best brands when it comes to used telehandlers for sale. Currently, we have the following telehandlers available:







MT625H Easy





When you buy used Telehandlers for sale from IPS you will receive the following benefits:

Low Hours

All of the used plant machinery for sale was originally bought from new. Plant equipment purchased for Diggerland and H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are then replaced after 3 years. Therefore guaranteeing customers with the best up to date equipment with low hours.


If you buy a telehandler from us we will also include a warranty that will cover all major components. Our customers have peace of mind knowing that should any issues occur, then you will be able to contact us within 3 months of buying to let us know.

International Delivery

Here at International Plant Sales, we aim to sell used plant equipment worldwide. Wherever you’re based. we can provide you with a quote for international delivery. If you are looking at used telehandlers for sale, then get in touch with us today!

Contact our sales team today via email or WhatsApp.

All information correct as of: 30th January 2020.

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