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Mini, Midi, Tracked or Wheeled, which would you pick? With so much variety on the market when it comes to used diggers for sale, it can be hard to choose. This week we focus on mini diggers and the benefits that they have to offer. If you’re looking to buy a mini digger then find out how IPS can help you.


Mini diggers are often used by construction operators, landscapers and anyone looking to do some DIY. They are given the name of ‘mini’ as their operating weights tend to fall between 1 and 5 tonnes. Do not be fooled by the size of the machine, as size definitely does not matter in this case. If you buy a mini digger, you’ll be purchasing an extremely versatile machine.

Mini diggers, also referred to as compact machinery, are extremely in demand by users in the construction world. Due to the additional benefits they can offer in comparison to larger diggers, most companies will always have at least one mini digger on their fleet. Known for their efficiency, mini diggers have been designed small, but they will have a huge impact on earthmoving, landscaping and general construction projects.

Although mini diggers are a common machine in the industry, they are relatively new to the market. In 1968, Yanmar invented the first wheeled mini excavator. The invention of a smaller machine met the needs of many individuals within the industry. 


A mini digger can be used for a multitude of tasks. However, they are regularly used on sites that have restrictive space and tight areas to manoeuvre and operate in. For example, if roadside work was necessary it wouldn’t be suitable to use a large excavator.

Mini diggers could also be used for the following types of work:

  • Digging and backfilling reasonable sized holes
  • Removing tree stumps
  • Landscaping
  • Digging trenches


These particular sized machines are perfect for small start up companies or individuals looking to complete the odd job. Why else should you opt to buy a mini digger?


Mini diggers are proven to be very cost efficient. Due to the size of the machines, replacement parts and servicing will definitely save you some money in comparison to a larger excavator.


If you buy a mini digger, you will have peace of mind knowing that they will only emit low noise levels. Using a smaller machine will also mean less damage is made to the working area.


As mentioned previously, mini diggers are more compact allowing the operator to move the digger around the site, and through any small access points such as gates, alleys or doorways.


All excavators have the ability to grade and level the ground surface without the need for additional plant equipment, because of the size of a mini digger it is a lot easier to handle when doing so.

So the next question is which mini digger is best?


You know everything you need to know about why you should buy a mini digger, but which brand do you buy?

Touching on a few popular manufacturing companies, we take a look at one of the most innovative mini digger for sale from JCB


As the environment is drastically changing, JCB have recently introduced the first fully electric mini excavator, the JCB 19C-1E. Like other mini diggers, it is capable of carrying out the same tasks, and the battery will allow you to work for a full day on a single charge. Even charging up will only take a couple of hours, which can be done on site via a generator.

If you’re looking to buy electric diggers for your plant fleet, JCB is the brand.

Another popular brand of construction machinery is Hitachi.


With a max dig depth of 8 ft 6 inches, the Hitachi ZX26U-5 won’t leave you feeling like you need a large machine to complete the job. Although this particular model is one of the smallest Hitachi machines available, it will provide a powerful performance, and allow you to access any restricted areas on sites.


Here at IPS we have the following mini diggers for sale:

We believe that Komatsu machines are one of the best mini digger brands to buy. We choose to stock this brand in particular as Komatsu are one of the leading manufacturers of construction equipment, and provide high quality machinery. If you choose to buy a Komatsu digger you can fulfil any construction, agricultural or landscaping requirements. 


H.E SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are the hire division of H.E. Group. If you’re looking to hire before you buy a mini digger, then contact the sales team today. With 10 UK based depots, you won’t be far away from a depot stocking a range of mini diggers

The plant fleet operate on a 3 year policy, whereby machines are replaced every 3 years to ensure the highest standard of quality for their customers. Once new machines are purchased, the used construction machinery is passed onto the sales team at International Plant Sales to resell to the UK and overseas.

If you choose to hire from H.E. SERVICES before you buy a mini digger, you will benefit from:

  • The latest models and technology
  • 24 hour service and a quick response and turnover time
  • The machines will have full documentation, and will also include any maintenance and services needed


If you want to buy a mini digger we would highly recommend buying ex-Diggerland machines. Diggerland Theme Park are part of the H.E. Group, so here at international Plant Sales we have the pleasure of also selling on their used construction machinery.

The machines are purchased from new, and then specially adapted by our sister company Masterhitch to ensure they are user-friendly for children and adults. 

With 20 different rides and drives within each park, the use of mini diggers are quite frequent. Buried Treasure, Skittles and Dippy Ducks all feature Komatsu PC14 R-HS machines. Komatsu PC26 MR-3 machines are also used for the Dirt diggers attraction.

If you want to buy a mini digger from Diggerland, you will benefit from:

  • A machine that has low hours
  • Machines that are in excellent condition
  • A machine that has never been used on a construction site, as they are purchased purely for children to operate


Here at IPS we work directly with our sister company Masterhitch Europe Ltd. Should the requirement for additional buckets and attachments arise, Masterhitch can make any plant accessories to meet our customers specifications.

If you’re looking for any bespoke attachments to further develop your mini digger then contact the team today. Their skilled engineers can provide assistance with any queries and questions. 

If you’ve browsed through our list of used digger equipment and want to know more about a specific machine, contact us today. Our team of specialists can assist with any extra photos, videos or specifications that you may need.

Customers can email us or call us on: 01634 779123. We are also available on WhatsApp.

All information correct as of: 23rd December 2019.

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