Why would you use a Hydrema Dump Truck?

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With the new year approaching, companies might be thinking of making huge changes to existing buildings, or even a complete renovation. With this in mind, standard plant machinery might not be the best choice, especially when it comes to the removal of large materials. 

This week we take a look at the Hydrema brand, as well as the dump trucks available from IPS. If you want to buy a Hydrema then here’s a few reasons why we think you should invest in a Hydrema Dump Truck.


The Hydrema brand was founded in 1959 in a small workshop in Aalborg, Denmark by Kjeld Werner Jensen. At present, Hydrema is Denmark’s only earth-moving equipment manufacturer. 

Hydrema’s mission statement is “to develop, manufacture and market high-technology earth-moving equipment”. This is definitely shown, as the company put everything into the production of their machines. A high level of commitment is therefore needed to produce high quality machines that we see in everyday life.In 1985, Hydrema UK was established in North Yorkshire. From Hydrema’s UK office, they offer new and used construction equipment for sale. Customers can purchase dump trucks, wheeled excavators, backhoe loaders and specialist military equipment.


A Hydrema Dump Truck can be used for many tasks including:

  • Transporting large amounts of materials
  • Cleaning up on a demolition site
  • Diverse tasks on a construction site
  • In the mining industry

A Hydrema dump truck can carry out similar tasks to a standard dumper for instance, but to a greater level. A dump truck of this size is perfect for industrial use when moving large amounts of sand, gravel, waste and salt. Another great reason to use a dump truck would be on a construction or demolition site. When paired up with an excavator with a large bucket attachment, it can easily scoop out of the back of a dump truck without touching the sides, as the width of the skip is much larger than that of a site dumper.


If you need a reason to buy a Hydrema then here’s a couple to name a few:


When operating large machines it is vital that the vehicle is stable. Stability is the main reason for the huge success of a Hydrema dump truck. The dumper is fitted with a centre pivot point and hydraulic stabilizers, along with a simple chassis design ensuring the front and back wheels are running parallel.


In addition to the stability of the machine, with large construction equipment comes incredible power. Hydrema dump trucks are fitted with one of the best power-to-weight ratios, meaning that whatever the working conditions, the engine will cope. If you choose to buy a Hydrema you will also have peace of mind knowing that the machine will have a low fuel consumption and reduced noise levels due to the high torque.

Easy to operate

Most importantly, all Hydrema Dump Trucks are designed with the operator in mind. With easily accessible features and used friendly controls, all construction sites will be wanting a dump truck. If you’re looking to buy a Hydrema for roadside purposes then the 6 speed soft-shift transmission will come in handy. The dumper truck will shift gears automatically to match the right conditions.


H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are the hire division of the H.E Group. With 10 UK based depots the requirement for a large range of construction machinery is essential. All of the plant machines are bought from new to go out on hire to their customers. When the machines reach three years old they are passed onto the sales team at International Plant Sales to sell on. H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd have a range of machinery available to hire including:

  • Excavators
  • Dumpers
  • Rollers
  • Telehandlers

International delivery is also available due to a large connection with trusted transport companies.


We have a range of Hydrema Dump Trucks available here at IPS. If you’re looking for something smaller, we also stock the following Terex and Thwaites Site Dumpers:

  • 1 Tonne Dumpers
  • 3 Tonne Terex & Thwaite Dumpers
  • 6 Tonne Dumpers
  • 9 Tonne Dumpers

When you buy a dumper or other used construction machinery from us here at IPS, you will be entitled to:


If customers want to buy a Hydrema and other used construction machinery from us, they will benefit from warranty on all major parts. The warranty will begin from the date that the machine is collected or delivered.

International Delivery

Here at IPS, we aren’t just limited to selling to buyers in the UK. We can give an additional quote for international delivery, if it is required. We work with reputable and trusted shipping companies to ensure your machines arrives in great condition.

Excellent Condition

Our skilled staff at International Plant Sales will check the machine in detail when it is handed over from H.E. SERVICES or Diggerland. From here, any dents, scratches and broken parts detected will be repaired. As a result all of the machinery is in excellent condition when it’s sold. 

If you’re looking to buy a Hydrema or any of our dumpers for sale then speak to the team today. We are happy to provide customers with extra photos, videos or specifications for our used plant equipment.

Give us a call on: +44 (01634 779123 or email us!

All information correct as of: 16th December 2019.

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