Top Tips for using your Construction Machinery in the Winter

Used Construction Machinery - Winter

It’s almost that time of year again when the UK halts to a stop, and it seems as though winter impacts everything. Unlike most types of vehicles in the UK, when the wintery weather hits, construction machinery keeps on working. If you’re new to the construction industry, or you’re simply looking for advice to get through the snowy weather then keep on reading to find out how to best use your plant equipment.

Cold weather can put a stop to a lot of industries, especially travel and vehicle companies due to the dangerous conditions. The construction industry is an exception in many ways, but this will entirely depend on the scale of work and the location of the building site. Here at International Plant Sales, we want to share with you our 5 top tips to operating construction machinery safely in the winter.


Construction machinery can be affected in the winter, and the biggest factor by far is the cold conditions. It won’t stop the machinery working but can cause major problems to various parts of the equipment. In countries with low temperatures, it could cause an increase in the number of machines breaking down, which in turn could lead to becoming a dangerous safety hazard. It will also decrease the efficiency of the construction machinery.


We urge any workers to be careful when starting up their plant equipment. If they are second hand diggers, they may take longer due to the age of the machine. The cold weather will delay the time it takes to start it up properly. It could also mean the machinery will need to be jump started if it is idle for a long period of time.

If any plant equipment needing a jump start is done improperly, it can lead to a damaged electrical system, and leaving the operator with an expensive fix!

On the other hand, should you have a fleet of electric diggers, charging the batteries in a cold climate may even trigger them to explode.


Once the construction machinery has been started up, we would recommend leaving the machine to warm up before using it. If an operator were to use a machine that has been started up from cold, it will put an immense amount of pressure on vital components of the digger. 

If this happens, then we have got you covered. We work very closely with our sister company Masterhitch Europe Ltd They are leaders in the design and creation of digger attachments, buckets and any bespoke repairs.



When the machinery is working as it should be, the operator will need to ensure it is safely driven around. This may seem incredibly obvious to any worker but it’s surprising how many operators forget this!

When the temperature drops the ground can become frozen and very icy. If it is possible, a backhoe loader would be the best choice. These machines will eliminate the issue to a great extent, due to the increased traction of the wheels, therefore making manoeuvring easier. 

In the unlucky case that you find your construction machinery stranded, and struggling to grip to the terrain, our sister company H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are here to help. On their plant fleet they have a range of snow ploughs, and snow related attachments to assist you. 


It is very important to ensure the windows are kept clean and clear of any frost or condensation. A construction site can be a dangerous place is safety hazards are not dealt with correctly, so why increase the chance of an accident happening?

Blind spots are a common issue already, especially in heavy construction machinery. It is essential to clear the windows in the cab to reduce the risk of accidents. It is also a great time to carry out maintenance on your machinery to establish if there are any components working incorrectly, for example the defroster.


The last safety tip we would like to highlight is the correct use of personal protective equipment. Making sure gloves are worn by all construction workers in the winter is a must. The surface of any machinery can get very cold, and will affect your hands if it is touched with bare hands.


H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are the hire department for the H.E. Group. With 10 depots strategically placed around the UK, you’ll never be far away from quality customer service and excellent machinery for hire.

The plant fleet has a large range of various construction machinery from the biggest brands including JCB, Manitou, Komatsu, Bomag, Terex and Thwaites

All of the construction machinery for hire is purchased from new every three years on average, to replace older machines. We then resell the machines once any damages and re-sprays have been carried out. 


Masterhitch produce high quality, long-lasting digger attachments and buckets for all types of construction machinery and heavy plant equipment. They undertake various external projects for customers, but a large quantity of their workload involves producing plant accessories for our customers here at IPS, as well as assisting H.E. SERVICES customers.

Masterhitch can also offer bespoke services including bucket repairs, ram guard replacements, profile cutting and steel fabrication. With a highly skilled workforce, the Masterhitch team are more than happy to provide you with advice and a quote for your required work.


Here at International Plant Sales, we provide the global market with a huge range of used construction machinery and second hand diggers including:

Wheeled Diggers


All of our plant equipment in stock are in excellent condition, come with a warranty on all major components and if any additional digger buckets and attachments required can also be included at an extra cost.

We welcome all of our customers to come and visit us at Head Office to view the machinery in person, if this is possible. Otherwise our team are more than happy to send over any additional photos, videos and specifications for any of our used construction machinery.

For a quote on any of our used construction machinery contact us today:

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All information correct as of 27th November 2019.

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