Brexit and purchasing used construction machinery, what happens next?

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One of the biggest industry questions at the moment is, ‘How will Brexit affect used construction machinery sales? And a very good question this is too. 

This week we will touch upon and discuss a very important matter that will potentially have a huge impact for many companies and industries. That is, ‘what will happen post Brexit?’. 

International Plant Sales sell used construction machinery to a multitude of countries in the EU. As such, we want to try and highlight how Brexit may affect us and  other businesses in the construction industry, post Brexit. 

Being such a huge topic of discussion, surprisingly the whole world is still unsure as to what may actually happen come October. 

Other businesses out there wondering how to prepare, should visit the GOV website, as it’s a very important source of information. 



A very talked about issue is coming around quickly. Businesses in the UK and EU need to prepare for the outcome. We need to embrace the changes if any, of Brexit in October. But what is Brexit for those of you that have somehow avoided every TV, radio or news outlet?

Brexit first came around in June 2016, when a referendum was organised for voters to choose whether the UK stayed or left the EU. Results came in at an incredibly close call, with a total of 51.9% of voters wanting to leave the EU.

In March 2017, an official announcement of a withdrawal from the EU was declared. A leave date of March 2019 was mooted. Who knew this date would pass and that 7 months later, the UK would still be awaiting news of a Brexit deal from the government!

Although it may be a step in the right direction for certain individuals of Britain, it may have a huge impact for some businesses in the UK. Companies that rely on countries outside of the EU for import and export, may be affected. Despite the fact that we are still completely unsure if we are leaving with a deal or not, let’s take a look at the potential factors that could be affected.


Here at International Plant Sales, we aim to provide used construction machinery at an affordable, competitive price to the global market. However, Brexit could affect the exchange rate. Just like paying for spending money when you go abroad on holiday, the upcoming changes may affect the price of the pound. This in turn may affect what you can actually get for your money.

In some non-UK countries, the currency exchange rate may be quite attractive. You may be able to purchase a machine from Britain at a very good price, if your home currency is much stronger.

Since the beginning of Brexit, the rate of the GBP (Great British Pound) has been up and down like a yo-yo. As the vote to leave the EU was announced, the pound dropped considerably by 10.4% in comparison to the Euro. A year later the pound decreased again when Teresa May was due to announce the exit of the EU from the single market. As uncertainty is still on the horizon, the pound will continue to rise and fall, depending on whether we lean towards a deal or no deal. 

For businesses such as International Plant Sales, if the rate of the pound weakens it will mean that the exchange rate for our used construction machinery will fall. This is great news for all EU customers, who will receive quality construction equipment for an outstanding price. You really can’t go wrong!


Some of the most vital and important consumer rights protection laws are UK laws. We therefore have no issues with these changing, when Britain does leave the EU. However can the same be said for consumers purchasing machines from UK sellers, if the buyer is from the EU?

Currently, customers have the right of withdrawal. This is otherwise known as the 14-day cooling off period, for any purchase they decide to make. In addition, they have the right to a refund for faulty goods. However, once Britain leaves the EU, customers outside of the UK may not be covered with the same policy. 

You will however have peace of mind if you purchase a machine from IPS.


EU customers are advised to ensure they are purchasing from a trusted and reputable businesses. Buyers will need to be sure they are aware of the exact product they are purchasing. Customers should also be conscious of the terms and conditions, and the returns policy from the particular company they are buying from.

Although this isn’t brilliant news for EU customers. If you choose to purchase from International Plant Sales, you are guaranteed to receive plant equipment in excellent condition. What’s more is that with us, there are no hidden extras, eliminating the need to have the policy cover in the first place! 



Fortunately it’s not all doom and gloom for EU customers. There are still plenty of reasons why businesses and customers in the EU, and anywhere around the world for that matter, should purchase from International Plant Sales. Here’s why you should consider our used construction machinery:

Full Service History

Our machines are all purchased from new for our sister companies H.E SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd and Diggerland Adventure Parks. We’re therefore are able to provide our customers with a full service history. The machines we are selling have been used initially by two well respected companies. Therefore we can guarantee customers that the used digger equipment we have for sale is legitimate and of high quality.

Excellent Condition

All of the machinery purchased by the H.E. Group for Diggerland has never been used on a construction site. These machines have been adapted to be operated easily by children and adults within the four Diggerland parks, so we can guarantee excellent pristine condition.

Machinery brands

Are you looking for the biggest and best brands of construction machinery? We have a range of Terex and Thwaites Dumpers for sale. You can also purchase from us Manitou and JCB Telehandlers. In addition, we have ample Komatsu Excavators for sale. With such a large range of brands and various sized machinery, we are sure that every customer will find something to suit their needs.

Age of machinery

All of the used construction machinery we sell has been passed on by our sister companies. These machines are are on average three years old or younger. H.E. Group operate on a replacement policy to ensure we are always offering our customers the most modern, and exceptional machinery for the job at hand.

Low Hours

Unlike most plant equipment used on a construction site, our machines have low hours due to the nature of use. When used at our Diggerland parks, rides are switched off and used when required. They’re rarely left on and in the idle setting. Therefore, saving previous hours of use for the next owner.

International Delivery

IPS have an excellent connection to transport and shipping companies. We’re proud to offer used construction machinery to the global market. With Brexit looming, we believe that we will still able to offer this to our customers.

We always welcome our customers to come and view the machinery in person. Occasionally photos and videos can sometimes be deceiving. If a quote for international delivery is required we are more than happy to do this. 

If the above reasons haven’t enticed you to have a glance at our selection of plant machinery for sale, then take a look at our recent Trustpilot reviews. We have many happy customers. A company with a 4.5 star rating should definitely be a business you take a look at.

Contact our sales team that would be happy to provide you with a quote on: 01634 779123 or email us today!

All information correct as of: 21st October 2019.

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