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Welcome back to our latest Digger News post, here at International Plant Sales. This week we are looking at used construction machinery from our sister company, Diggerland UK Theme Parks. If you’re looking to buy a mini digger in the UK or you’re trying to find a company to purchase used skid steers from, then you’ve come to the right place. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a trusted, reliable seller to purchase used diggers and other construction equipment, especially if you are based in the UK.  

With so much variety of used construction machinery available, as well as an increase in UK based companies, and online advertising sites, it can be very time consuming comparing prices, and scanning the internet for the best deal. We aim to make this a lot easier for you!


About Diggerland UK Theme Parks

If you haven’t already experienced our sister company, Diggerland, it’s definitely a place to add to the to do list. Located in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire, Diggerland is a construction themed attraction that allows kids and adults to experience, and operate real life construction machinery. Diggerland have 20 different rides and drives to suit all ages, and the construction machinery used for these rides is passed on to the sales team at IPS to sell, when new machinery is purchased for the Diggerland parks. 

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider buying used skid steers and other construction machinery from Diggerland:

  • None of the Diggerland machinery has ever been used on a construction site. The machinery is used solely for operation within the park by children and adults.

  • The construction machinery has very low hours. Diggerland machines are not left on over long periods of time, and are only used when needed in comparison to building and construction sites.

  • All the machinery is bought from new, with no other previous owners. We can tell you exactly where the machine was used, and what it was used for, as well as providing a full service history.

Diggerland have the following construction machinery at their parks:

Used Skid steers for sale

JCB SSL 135 skid steers, also known as Robots, are specially adapted for children to drive on a course at the Diggerland parks. There are also multiple skid steers for the adult experience day event, Dumper Racing. This is a two hour event, which is held every month, where adults are given the chance to race their friends and family in their very own skid steer.

Back in March 2019, Diggerland purchased 24 new JCB SSL 135 skid steers from Greenshields JCB, so we had an influx of used skid steers available for sale. 

Skid steers are very popular with our customers, as they are an all rounder machine that can be used for a multitude of tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Lifting and moving materials

  • Digging

  • Trenching

  • Used as a forklift

  • Raking

As the machinery is compact and quite light, it is handy for most tasks, especially with the right attachments.The JCB skid steer can attach to 25 different attachments, that can make the machine very versatile. All of the attachments can be made from our sister company, Masterhitch. Here at International Plant Sales we can provide you with a quote for any buckets or attachments, along with the price of the used construction machinery. If you are unsure whether used skid steers are a machine you require, view our blog post where we focus on the features and advantages of using a skid steer.


Another popular construction machinery type that we have for sale at IPS, is the JCB 3CX backhoe loader. We receive a lot of these to sell as Diggerland and H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd use them for hiring out to customers, as well as the JCB 3CX ride at the parks. At Diggerland, children are given the chance to drive a JCB 3CX around a track, along with three other riders. Despite it being a very popular ride at Diggerland, the backhoe loaders are not used to their full potential. As they are specially adapted for children to drive around the track, the attachments, buckets, and arms of the machine are in immaculate condition.

A backhoe loader is another very resourceful machine, as it can complete various construction projects and tasks. If you’re looking to buy a JCB backhoe loader then you may be looking to use it for the following tasks:

  • Landscaping projects

  • Digging

  • Moving materials around

  • Backfilling

There are many advantageous features of a JCB 3CX that make it a great machine to have on any plant fleet. Firstly, having a front bucket and backhoe loader will ensure the operator maximises productivity, as they can dig, lift and manoeuver with ease.

Another great feature of a JCB 3CX is the cab of the machine. It is an incredibly spacious area for the operator with large windows, providing excellent visibility when operating on construction sites. As we get a large amount of enquiries for the JCB 3CX, we have put together a blog post focusing purely on backhoe loaders. 

Komatsu Diggers 

If you’re looking to purchase a mini digger in the UK then we have a large range of excavators available to buy. H.E. Group tend to stick to the Komatsu brand, with the odd exception from JCB and Liugoing for excavators. As a company, we love to provide exceptional machines for hire in the hire division, as well as selling them and we believe Komatsu provide these. They have clearly thought about the operators during the manufacturing process, making them easy to handle and easy to navigate around the features of the machines. 

We have the following diggers at the Diggerland park, if you are looking to buy a Komatsu:

Komatsu PC14

Diggerland have a lot of PC14s throughout the park, as they use them for Skittles, Buried Treasure and the Dippy ducks rides.They are adapted to ensure the children are only able to operate the arm and dipper of the machines, making them completely stationary. As the machines are static, and have limited use of all the features, they are sold on in perfect condition. If you are looking to buy a mini digger in the UK, then ex-Diggerland machinery may be the way forward.

Komatsu PC210

One of the main attractions at the Diggerland parks is Spindizzy. Spindizzy uses a Komatsu PC210 excavator, that has a bespoke made bucket seating area, made by Masterhitch. It is a conventional theme park ride, that makes use of construction machinery in a unique way.

We regularly sell second hand excavators and construction machinery all over the world, and we are a very reputable and respected company within the construction industry. We offer all of our customers the chance to come and view the machinery before a purchase is made, whether this is at the Diggerland parks, or the H.E. SERVICES depots, or in the IPS yard.


The telehandlers purchased for the Diggerland parks are modified to suit the style of the ride. For example, a JCB 54-170 is used for their Groundshuttle ride. Masterhitch have created special seating fitted with safety seat belts, enabling customers to enjoy a bumpy ride around whilst sitting where an attachment would normally be fitted. A Manitou MT1840 is also used for the Skyshuttle ride at Diggerland. This particular attraction utilises the use of the telehandler arm, raising visitors 50 feet into the air, whilst they enjoy a birds eye view of the park below.

Telehandlers are best known for lifting and moving material around with a fork attachment, and can be found a lot in the agricultural and construction industry.

About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are another sister company that pass on their used construction machinery to us to sell. They are the sales division of H.E. Group, and hire out a range of used equipment including Excavators, Telehandlers, Rollers and Dumpers. They are the largest UK plant hire company, with 10 UK based depots and have transport links to deliver internationally. 

About Masterhitch

Masterhitch Europe Ltd are also part of the H.E. Group. They manufacture bespoke attachments and buckets for construction machinery, as well as providing bespoke services including welding, profile cutting, bucket rehangs and repairs as well as plate steel rolling.

International Plant Sales, H.E. SERVICES and Diggerland, use Masterhitch for the creation of any buckets and attachments, if customers require them, or if a new ride at the Diggerland park require specially adapted seating or attachments.

They are leaders in the design and manufacturing of a large range of plant accessories for construction and demolition projects, so if you are in need of anything, Masterhitch are the place to go.

Buy used construction machinery today:

If you are interested in purchasing any of our used skid steers or other construction machinery then speak to the team at IPS today. We have various makes and models as well as diverse aged machines ranging from 2 to 5 years old. 

We completely understand if you are overseas, and need more than photos and videos of a machinery before purchasing it. We can accommodate your needs, if you’re looking at buying a mini digger in the UK, and would love for you to come down and see the machinery in person, if this suits you better.

You will have peace of mind knowing that all of our used construction machinery have:

  • A full service history

  • Warranty on all major parts and components

  • International Delivery is available if required

  • One previous owner, so we know the condition of the machine and where they have come from.

Please contact our sales team to get a quote on any of our used diggers for sale today!

All information correct as of: August 2019.

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