Electric Digger Equipment – Anticipating Machinery Advancements in 2024

Electric digger equipment

As we approach the start of 2024, the used digger equipment industry stands on the verge of transformative changes. At IPS, we are eagerly anticipating the groundbreaking innovations coming for used digger equipment. In this blog post, we discuss the advancements expected in 2024, ranging from the rise of electric diggers to the cutting-edge safety features and beyond.

The Rise of Electric Diggers: Pioneering Sustainability

In 2024, the hum of electric motors may accompany the rumble of engines due to the rise in electric digger equipment. The construction and agriculture industries are placing sustainability at the forefront, with electric-powered diggers poised to lead the change. The availability of used electric digger equipment is increasing, reflecting the industry’s commitment to environmental responsibility. We look forward to incorporating these environmentally-friendly alternatives into our fleet, offering choices beyond traditional petrol and diesel digger equipment.

Enhanced Safety Features: A Quantum Leap in Protection

2024 brings a technological evolution to the safety landscape of digger equipment, introducing advanced features designed to heighten protection on construction and agriculture sites. Standardising intelligent sensors for real-time obstacle detection, automated braking systems, and integrated warning systems is expected. The digger equipment of tomorrow, whether electric or traditional, promises not only robustness and power but also heightened intelligence and safety.

Telematics Integration: Revolutionising Operations


Telecommunications and informatics, known as telematics, is set to revolutionise how we monitor and manage electric digger equipment in 2024. Telematics systems will become intrinsic to digger equipment, providing real-time insights into machine performance, fuel efficiency, and maintenance needs. This proactive approach ensures optimal operational efficiency, as well as reducing downtime.

Electric digger equipment

Artificial Intelligence in Digger Control: Precision Elevated

2024 could witness the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the control systems of digger equipment, redefining precision in digging tasks. AI algorithms will adapt digger operations to diverse soil conditions, optimize digging depth, and enhance overall performance. The integration of AI will make used digger equipment more versatile, allowing them to adapt seamlessly to various projects with precision and efficiency.

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics: Empowering Owners at a Distance

Remote monitoring and diagnostics are set to empower owners of used digger equipment in 2024, offering unparalleled control and insights from afar. Imagine the convenience of checking your digger’s status, diagnosing issues, and even performing certain maintenance tasks without leaving your office. This level of remote accessibility not only saves time but also contributes to cost-effective ownership of used digger equipment, bringing a new dimension to managing and maintaining your fleet.

Used Diggers For Sale At IPS

As you explore the possibilities that 2024 holds for used digger equipment, trust International Plant Sales to be your partner in construction and agriculture machinery. Our commitment to your investment in used digger equipment means it is always ahead of industry trends.

IPS sells used plant equipment, reputably acquired from either H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd. or Diggerland. With brand new machines coming through to our fleet from these providers, we offer lightly used plant equipment for sale to the global market. You can view all of our machinery currently for sale here

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When you buy used machinery from IPS, you’ll have the added benefits of:

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