Komatsu Excavators for Sale – The History of Komatsu.

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When it comes to heavy machinery, very few names resonate with reliability and performance like Komatsu. If you’re in the market for Komatsu excavators for sale, it’s essential to understand the history and legacy behind this industry giant. Join us as we delve into the roots of Komatsu, their journey to excellence, and what makes their machines so incredibly reliable.

The Origins of Komatsu

Komatsu, originally named “Komatsu Iron Works,” was founded in 1921 by Takeuchi Mining Industry. Located in Komatsu City, Japan, the company initially focused on repairing mining equipment. Over the years, they expanded their operations and ventured into manufacturing construction machinery.

Side of machine Komatsu PC490

Development and Innovation

Komatsu’s commitment to innovation and quality quickly propelled them to the forefront of the construction equipment industry. Here are some key milestones in their journey:

  • 1953: Komatsu manufactured their first bulldozer, the D50A, setting a new standard for construction machinery.
  • 1967: The company introduced their first hydraulic excavator, the H51.
  • 1984: Komatsu launched the world’s first intelligent machine control system, revolutionising the industry.
  • 1995: They introduced the PC2000-6, one of the world’s largest hydraulic excavators.

This commitment to innovation has allowed Komatsu to continually refine their machinery, making it more efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

Komatsu Excavators Available from IPS

Today, International Plant Sales offers a range of Komatsu excavators designed to meet the diverse needs of construction professionals. Here are some notable models available from IPS today:

Komatsu PC80 excavator for sale
  • PC55MR-3E: This compact excavator is ideal for jobs in tight spaces. It combines power and precision for maximum efficiency.
  • PC26MR-3: A versatile and manoeuvrable mini excavator, perfect for small-scale projects.
  • PC80MR-3: Offering power and stability, this mid-sized excavator is suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • PC210: A high-performance excavator known for its efficiency and reliability in demanding conditions.
  • PC490: A large excavator built for heavy-duty tasks, designed to maximise productivity on large construction sites.

What Makes Komatsu Machines So Reliable?

Komatsu’s reputation for reliability is a result of several key factors:

  • Quality Manufacturing: Komatsu maintains rigorous quality control standards during manufacturing, ensuring that every machine meets their high-quality benchmarks.
  • Durability: Their equipment is built to withstand tough working conditions, from extreme temperatures to heavy loads.
  • Innovative Technology: Komatsu has consistently integrated cutting-edge technology into their machines, enhancing performance and efficiency.
  • Worldwide Support: With a global network of dealers and service centres, Komatsu ensures that customers have access to prompt maintenance and support.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Komatsu is committed to reducing the environmental impact of their machinery through innovative design and eco-friendly practices.
  • Operator Comfort: Komatsu places a strong emphasis on operator comfort and safety, making their machines more user-friendly and reducing operator fatigue.

International Plant Sales’ Komatsu Excavators for sale:

If you’re considering Komatsu excavators for sale, you’re not just investing in a piece of machinery; you’re investing in a legacy of reliability, innovation, and excellence. Komatsu’s rich history, commitment to quality, and diverse range of equipment make them a top choice for construction professionals worldwide.

Explore the range of ex-fleet Komatsu excavators available from IPS, and experience the power and reliability that has defined the Komatsu brand for over a century. Whether you’re working on a small-scale project or a large construction site, Komatsu excavators offer a dependable solution.

Used Diggers For Sale At IPS

International Plant Sales are specialists in selling used plant equipment. When you purchase equipment from us, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re buying from a reputable company. All of our machinery comes to us directly from either H. E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd or Diggerland theme parks. Both of which purchase their machines from new. Meaning our machines all have only one previous owner. You can view all of our machinery currently for sale here

When you buy used machinery from International Plant Sales, you’ll have the added benefits of:

  • We can arrange worldwide shipping
  • Machinery is fully refurbished by The Finishing Touch team
  • Warranty included on all machinery sales

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the IPS team today.

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