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In the world of construction, having reliable and efficient machinery is essential to ensure that projects are completed on time and with precision. The choice of construction machinery manufacturers can greatly impact a project’s success. From used diggers, to midi diggers and excavators for sale, there’s a wide array of options available. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best construction manufacturers, and delve into our offerings of ex-fleet machinery, used excavators, and tracked excavators for sale.

The Best Construction Machinery Manufacturers

When it comes to investing in construction machinery, opting for reputable manufacturers is paramount. These manufacturers have established themselves as industry leaders, producing machinery known for its quality, durability, and innovation. Here are the top construction machinery manufacturers to consider:

Who is the best constuction manufacturer?


Renowned for its heavy equipment, Caterpillar shines with a portfolio that spans used diggers, excavators for sale, and more. Their machinery combines robustness and innovation, ensuring operational excellence on diverse projects. With a legacy spanning decades, Caterpillar is synonymous with construction prowess. Their machinery is not merely tools; they’re solutions, built to withstand the rigours of demanding construction environments.


An epitome of Japanese precision, Komatsu’s construction machinery lineup encompasses midi diggers, tracked excavators for sale, and more. Cutting-edge technology underpins their products, ensuring peak performance and efficiency. Komatsu’s commitment to quality engineering is evident in every machine they produce. Whether it’s a compact midi digger or a robust tracked excavator, their attention to detail ensures that each piece of equipment is a testament to their dedication.

Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo’s commitment to sustainability echoes through their construction machinery, including used diggers and used excavators for sale. Their machinery offers a blend of power and environmental consciousness. Volvo’s ethos transcends machinery; it’s about responsible construction practices. Choosing Volvo not only means embracing advanced equipment but also contributing to a greener construction industry.


The iconic British brand, JCB, stands tall with its construction machinery offerings. From midi diggers to tracked excavators for sale, JCB has earned its stripes through innovation, reliability, and versatility. JCB’s machinery is more than metal and mechanics; it’s a testament to British engineering ingenuity. Their commitment to creating versatile machinery tailored to various construction needs sets them apart.


Manitou’s construction equipment lineup boasts versatility and adaptability. With machinery designed for various tasks, including material handling, Manitou has carved its niche in the industry. Manitou’s focus on versatility is evident in their machinery’s adaptability across construction facets. Their material handling solutions streamline operations, making them a valuable asset on diverse projects.

IPS’ Ex-Fleet Machinery

When considering construction machinery, the option of purchasing used diggers can be cost-effective without compromising quality. International Plant Sales is a trusted name in the industry, offering an impressive range of used diggers from reputable brands. Their commitment to quality ensures that all machinery undergoes thorough inspection and maintenance before being made available for purchase.

International Plant Sales offers JCB Backhoe Loaders, Manitou Telehandlers, and Komatsu Tracked Excavators for sale in the uk. But which of these is best for the job?

Midi/Mini Diggers for Sale 

Buy a midi digger to find the perfect balance between power and size. Midi diggers are versatile machines that excel in tight spaces while providing the necessary muscle for various construction tasks. These diggers are ideal for small to medium-sized projects where manoeuvrability is crucial. International Plant Sales offers a selection of used midi diggers for sale from all the best manufacturers, allowing you to access quality machinery at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

Tracked Excavators for Sale

For projects that require heavy-duty digging and lifting capabilities, tracked excavators are a popular choice. Tracked excavators provide stability on challenging terrains and are suitable for a wide range of applications, from construction sites to mining operations. International Plant Sales feature used tracked excavators for sale, allowing you to find the right machinery for your specific needs.

Telehandlers for Sale

Telehandlers, often referred to as telescopic handlers, are engineered to master a multitude of tasks. With their telescopic booms, these machines can reach impressive heights while maintaining stability, making them ideal for tasks like stacking materials, loading and unloading, and placing heavy objects precisely where they’re needed. In construction, their ability to access tight spaces and deliver materials to elevated areas streamlines operations and enhances productivity.

Which Machine Is Best For You?

Selecting the best construction machinery manufacturer is a critical decision that can significantly impact the success of any project. From established industry giants like JCB to Komatsu,  IPS’ used diggers and used excavators for sale provides a range of options available to suit different project requirements. Whether you’re looking for midi diggers for manoeuvrability or tracked excavators for heavy-duty tasks, exploring reputable manufacturers and trusted sellers is key to making a well-informed decision. Embrace the world of construction machinery with confidence, knowing that the right equipment is within your reach.

Used Diggers For Sale At International Plant Sales

International Plant Sales are specialists in selling used plant equipment. When you purchase equipment from us, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re buying from a reputable company. All of our machinery comes to us directly from either H. E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd or Diggerland theme parks. Both of which purchase their machines from new. Meaning our machines all have only one previous owner. You can view all of our machinery currently for sale here

When you buy used machinery from IPS, you’ll have the added benefits of:

  • We can arrange worldwide shipping
  • Machinery is fully refurbished by The Finishing Touch team
  • Warranty included on all machinery sales

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Internatioanl Plant Sales team today.

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