Telehandlers for Sale: The Power and Versatility of IPS’ Range

Telehandlers for sale

International Plant Sales prides itself on offering a comprehensive selection of top-tier telehandlers for sale. Telescopic handlers are the ultimate machines in the construction industries for handling heavy loads and reaching heights with ease. In this blog post, we will delve into the specifications and capabilities of some of their finest telehandlers, including the Manitou MT932, MT1335, and MT1840, as well as the JCB 540-140 and 540-170.

Telehandlers for Sale – Unraveling the Versatility

IPS offers a wide range of telehandlers for sale, renowned for their exceptional versatility on the worksite. These machines combine the functions of a forklift and a crane, making them ideal for lifting and placing heavy materials. Each telehandler is engineered to deliver optimum performance in different working environments, providing customers with a variety of options to choose from.

telehandlers for sale


The Manitou MT932 telehandler is a compact and powerful machine that packs a punch. With a maximum lift capacity of 3,200 kg and a lift height of 9 meters, it is perfect for handling heavy loads with ease. This telehandler is equipped with a 4-cylinder 74 hp engine, promising reliable performance as well as fuel efficiency. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces, making it a valuable addition to any worksite.

Manitou MT1335 and MT1840 Telehandlers

The Manitou MT1335 telehandler is a true workhorse, offering increased lifting capacity and reach, ideal for more demanding tasks. It boasts a maximum lift capacity of 3,500 kg and can reach heights of up to 12.6 meters. Powered by a robust 102 hp engine and equipped with four-wheel-drive capability, this telehandler can tackle various terrains. Whether it’s construction, agriculture, or industrial applications, the MT1335 proves to be a reliable partner for any project.

For projects requiring heavy lifting at extended heights, the Manitou MT1840 telehandler rises to the occasion. With a maximum lift capacity of 4,000 kg and an impressive lift height of 17.5 meters, this telehandler can handle large loads at considerable heights. The MT1840 is equipped with a powerful 100 hp engine, and offers exceptional performance and productivity on demanding worksites.

telehandlers for sale
telehandlers for sale

JCB Telehandlers for Sale

The JCB 540-140 telehandler stands as a rugged and robust machine, purpose-built to thrive in tough working conditions. It boasts a maximum lift capacity of 4,000 kg and reaches heights of up to 13.78 meters, making it ideal for construction tasks. The telehandler’s 109 hp engine delivers plenty of power and torque, ensuring smooth operation and effortless handling of heavy loads.

telehandlers for sale


JCB 540-170 telehandlers elevate performance to new heights with their impressive reach capabilities. They offer a maximum lift capacity of 4,000 kg and a lift height of 16.7 meters, enabling operators to handle materials at significant heights. The telehandler’s 125 hp engine ensures optimal power and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for high-rise construction projects and agricultural tasks.

Why Buy From International Plant Sales

International Plant Sales’ team are product specialists and have worked in the industry for many years. We can tell you in an instant the machines we have in stock, as well as their technical specification and history.

Need shipping? No problem, as we can also arrange for world-wide delivery.

IPS is not an agency or re-seller. Each of our machines are being sold directly by the owner, the H. E. SERVICES Group. This means that you are guaranteed a young machine in excellent condition, and at a great price.



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