The Plant Machinery You Could Need For Groundworks

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What Plant Machinery Might You Need For Groundworks?


When we talk about groundworks, what are we talking about? Well, ‘groundworks‘ refers to the work carried out using a variety of plant machinery to prepare the ground and below ground before a construction project can truly begin. In other words, groundworks are the first set of activities involved on a construction site that lead to the foundations being laid.

Apart from any preliminary excavations, groundworks actually include much more, including the laying of drains and any underground cabling that is required under the construction. There might be a requirement to lay utilities in advance, such as gas piping, water pipes, telephone lines and the like.

You can see that groundworks is an all-encompassing term that covers many of the preliminary matters before you can get on with the construction itself.

The First Stages of Groundworks – Before the Plant Machinery Moves in

In short, a lot more than you may have even thought about. First of all comes the ground investigation then, in various forms, site clearance, trenching, sub-structure and ground stabilisation works, sewer construction, drainage, reinstatement, and landscaping to name just a few.

Before any work can begin at all there are legal requirements that must be met. This would include making sure that the site is suitable to be built on, making sure that there are no environmental concerns etc. You will also need to determine what condition the soil is in to decide on what type of foundations will be required. This is necessary to avoid any issues with subsidence or slippage occurring in the following years.

What Next?

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Once the preliminary matters have been dealt with, the plant machinery will start coming into action. Site clearance is the next task on the list. With this you will be looking to carry out several tasks, such as removing the topsoil, levelling the ground of the construction area, building retaining wall that are necessary to construct level platforms for construction progress and to stop the ground from eroding in any way.

Once this early stage has been carried out, the experts can work towards the design and creation of the sub-surface. This will involve jobs such as laying the foundation and structure basement. You will also be creating the retaining walls, built mostly from brick, blocks, stone or reinforced concrete. Steel frameworks may also be used to enhance the load bearing capacity of the foundation. All of these jobs are intended to make the ground steady and secure enough to support the structure which is to be built. This is true whether you are building a family home or a tall skyscraper.

After the Sub-Surface and Foundation is Secured

After the initial process of laying the foundation and securing the sub-structure has been completed, you can move onto the next stage of the project. This will often involve carrying out landscaping tasks such as building car parks, access roads, driveways and other ground level tasks. The type of work carried out will obviously depend on the type of job.

Each of these stages of construction will require various types of plant machinery. Below is a typical example of the sort of plant machinery that may be used on groundworks jobs. Of course, this is not an exclusive list as many other types of machine may be necessary depending on the work undertaken:

Plant machinery

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