Using Plant Machinery On Constrained Construction Sites

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A challenge often faced by contractors is working on construction sites with limited space. Not only do these sites make it difficult to move machinery around, but they also present risks to workers and can slow down progress. In this week’s blog post, we’ll discuss some of the plant machinery that will be best suited to your site. As well as how you can get the most out of them.



Excavators are one of the most versatile types of plant machinery available. With the ability to carry out a wide range of tasks, including digging foundations and moving large amounts of material. With a huge range of sizes and models available on the market, it’s important you find the right one for use on your constrained construction site. 

We would recommend investing in a Komatsu excavator if you are looking to work on sites with limited space. Komatsu have a huge range of machines on the market, from the tiny PC14 mini diggers to the much larger PC490 tracked excavators. The great thing about Komatsu excavators is that they feature a zero tail swing design. This makes them incredibly easy to manoeuvre around sites with less space. With the wide variety of sizes available, you’re bound to find a Komatsu excavator to work to your constraints. 


Whilst backhoe loaders are larger than most mini excavators, they can still be a great option for use on sites with limited space. This is thanks to their versatility. This piece of plant machinery is a hybrid of a tractor and a loader, often used for digging, trenching, and loading materials. Being a wheeled machine, backhoe loaders are very easy to move, making them great for sites with awkward access routes. 


Telehandlers can also be a great investment and suitable for some construction sites with limited space. These machines can be used like cranes to help lift materials to the upper stories of buildings. However, where cranes will take some time to be constructed, telehandlers can be driven straight in and out whenever needed. Much like excavators, there’s a great range of different telehandler models on the market, offering different reach heights and lifting capacities. Meaning no matter the job, you should be able to find a telehandler for it.

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When working on a constrained site, with perhaps limited plant machinery available, it’s important you know how to get the most out of your machine. Here are some tips on the best way to do this.


With any project, it’s important to plan ahead. When working on constrained construction sites this is absolutely essential. One of the key things to consider is what machinery you’re bringing on site and when. Especially on sites with limited space, you’ll need to know exactly what you’ll need to complete the job so you aren’t bringing in unnecessary resources and taking up valuable space. This will also help to reduce downtime as you shouldn’t need to wait for different equipment to arrive.


A great way to get more out of your machine is to invest in some additional attachments. With such a wide range of attachments already available on the market, it’s so easy to customise your machine to suit different jobs. From concrete pourers for excavators to ejector buckets for telehandlers. Attachments like these will help transform your machine and save you having to source a whole other piece of machinery. Which can be inconvenient when working on constrained sites.

If you can’t find an attachment that will work for you, contact our sister company Masterhitch Europe Ltd. Masterhitch are able to create bespoke attachments to fit your specifications. 


Another way to prepare for working on a constrained site is to ensure all of your operators are trained on how to do so. This will also help you achieve maximum output and productivity. A great way to do this is to send your team on a plant training course. Training schools such as Diggerland Plant Training School offer a range of courses on both machine operation and site health and safety. With the course length being dependent on how experienced you are, meaning refresher courses are available. 


Looking to buy used plant machinery that’s suitable for use on a site with limited space? At IPS we currently have a great selection of used machines that are just that. From Komatsu mini and midi excavators, to JCB backhoe loaders and Manitou telehandlers of all sizes, view our full list of available machines here

When you purchase used machinery from International Plant Sales, you’ll benefit from:

  • A young machine with one previous owner and low hours
  • Worldwide shipping is available on all machine purchases
  • Warranty for all major components included with purchase

If you have any questions about our machines or would like a quote, please contact us.



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