How To Start A Career In Construction

career in construction

Are you or someone you know looking to start a career in construction? If you’re not sure where to begin, we’re here to help. In this week’s blog, we’ll tell you about the different types of training and support on offer to help you get started in construction.


The UK government recently announced that they are working with industry leaders to help more people access high-quality training for a career in construction. The help is on offer to young people just finishing up with school. As well as anyone older and looking to change careers or learn new skills.

T Levels

One of the programmes available are T Levels. These are available for school leavers between 16-19 years old. They’re vocational courses that are a great alternative to completing A Levels. With one T Level holding the same value as three A Levels. These courses are completed over a two year period, with 80% being classroom teaching and 20% spent on a nine-week industry placement.


Apprenticeships are open to people of all ages. These are paid jobs, in which you also undertake structured training and gain workplace experience. Whilst most of your time will be spent on the job, you’ll also spend around six hours a week doing off-the-job training with a provider, such as a college or university. There are lots of apprenticeship opportunities available within the construction industry, these range from Level 2 to Degree Level Apprenticeships. As well as there now being Flexi-Job Apprenticeships. Making it easier for construction employers to hire apprentices even when work is short-term or project-based.


A great way to boost your career prospects is to complete a course with a plant training school. There are a wide range of courses out there that are open to beginners, as well as refreshers for those more experienced. Whether you’re looking to learn how to operate machinery such as a telehandler or excavator, or you’re aiming to become a site supervisor. Training schools including Diggerland Plant Training School can be a good place to start when furthering your career in construction. Make sure that any course you look at undertaking is an accredited course. For example, all Diggerland Plant Training School courses are NPORS accredited, which means they will be recognised by an employer.

Diggerland Plant Training School


If you are an adult looking to return to a career in construction, there are also options and help available for you.

Skills Bootcamps

Skills Bootcamps are open to adults aged 19 or over who are full or part time employed, self-employed or unemployed. As well as those looking to return to work after some time away. They are free courses that are put together in partnership with local employers aiming to help fill job vacancies in the area. Bootcamps are available all over the country and offer courses in a variety of different areas of construction. Previous experience isn’t necessary and courses are flexible, lasting up to 16 weeks.


Returnerships are a new offering which are aimed at people over the age of 50 who are looking to return to work or change careers. This new offer is bringing together Apprenticeships, Skills Bootcamps and Sector-Based Work Academy Programmes. With the hopes of raising awareness for these pathways. In turn providing a clear route back into construction work and encouraging employers to hire older workers.


Perhaps you’re looking to take the next step in your construction career by starting your own construction company? This can be a really challenging but rewarding step to take. 

The first step would be to do some thorough research and create a business plan. This would include determining the type of service you’ll offer, checking out your competition, and identifying what equipment or machinery you may need. You’ll also need to obtain the correct licences and permits to carry out your work. Building a strong team of workers to help you, as well as developing relationships with reliable suppliers is crucial for your new business to succeed. There’s a lot to be considered when starting a construction business. However, careful planning, hard work and dedication can lead to a fulfilling career in construction.

Read our blog post on planning a construction project for some more tips on how to get started.


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