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used road rollers

Considering buying a used road roller? You’re in the right place. At International Plant Sales, we currently have stock of some great road rollers from reputable manufacturers. Keep reading this blog to find out the best features of each of the machines we have to offer.


Road rollers, sometimes also known as construction rollers or compaction rollers, are essentially heavy wheeled machines that are used to compact and level out a base material. Types of rollers vary from those with a single or double-drum, to padfoot and vibrating rollers. However, all are used to achieve the same goal of compacting materials such as soil, dirt, asphalt and other foundation materials. Although rollers are often seen as low-key machines, as they aren’t used on a huge amount of projects, they’re still incredibly valuable pieces of machinery to have for road construction and residential projects.


Bomag are two of the most popular roller manufacturers out there. They’re also the two main brands we stock here at International Plant Sales. 


Bomags motto is “excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better”. With over 60 years of experience and around 250 products under their belt, it’s clear they’re living up to their motto. 

Bomag are thought of highly within the construction industry for their reliability, quality and performance. When determining which brand or product would be best for your project, it’s important to compare the features of each to your specific needs.


Both the Bomag 80 and Bomag 120 are light tandem ride-on rollers. Ideal for finishing work in road construction, as well as for working on footpaths and surface repair work. The Economizer mode allows the operator to see the degree of compaction on a display. This helps to avoid unnecessary passes, which helps save you time and money. The only main difference between these two models is the size, with the 120 being the larger of the two. 

Bomag 80 operating weight: 1550kg                                           Bomag 120 operating weight: 2750kg

Bomag 80 drum width: 800mm                                                    Bomag 120 drum width: 1200mm



The Bomag BMP8500 is a remote control multipurpose roller. It’s capable of achieving great results on soil compaction in trenches, sewers and on pipeline construction. Being remote controlled comes with many benefits, including the elimination of problems caused by intense sunlight as the operator doesn’t need to be sat directly in it. Like the previously mentioned Bomag machines, this model also uses Economizer mode.

Operating weight: 1595kg

Performance: 14.5kW

Bomag BMP 8500 used road roller


At International Plant Sales, we currently have the above used road rollers available for sale now. You can view full details for these machines here.

When you buy a used road roller from International Plant Sales, you’ll benefit from a machine that:

  • Has just one previous owner
  • Has low hours on the clock
  • Comes with manufacturer’s service history
  • Includes a warranty on all major components

If you have any questions about any of our used plant machinery, please feel free to get in touch with our team.


Information correct as of 05/04/23

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