What’s In Store For The Construction Industry In 2023?


So here we are, just under two months into 2023. How are things looking for the construction industry so far this year? 

The predictions at the end of 2022 were looking pretty gloomy. With an expected fall in construction output being talked about a lot. We think it’s a little too soon to be saying whether those predictions are correct. So, as the industry looks to continue recovering from a turbulent few years, we look at some positives predicted to come out of 2023.


We’ve definitely all heard about how the construction industry needs to do its bit to help the planet. But how are we planning to actually achieve this?

It’s said that this year, we will see more construction projects setting out sustainable initiatives. These initiatives include using materials that are recyclable and renewable. Reducing the energy consumption on projects and reducing on-site waste are also two key focuses for this year. A huge sustainable construction project that’s been announced this year is The Phoenix. The proposed 700-home neighbourhood looks to be powered entirely by renewable energy.


We’ve seen a huge rise in the amount of electric diggers and hydrogen powered machinery being produced in recent years. We definitely think this is something we’ll see even more throughout 2023, with more companies such as Komatsu announcing new electric machinery for this year.


One of the top predicted trends for 2023 is an increase in use of technology within the construction industry. 

Things like the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are expected to have more of an impact when it comes to construction. Whether that be by assisting with planning routes for electrical systems in new buildings, or by tracking machinery on site. There are so many ways AI can be used to help on different projects.

Last week, we wrote about the effect that robots could have on the industry in the near future. Although we probably won’t see the mega-rise of robots this year, it is interesting to think about how the technology currently available could be of use. Equipment such as drones are already proving to be a beneficial addition to construction sites. By allowing workers to easily view large sites from angles not usually reachable.


As mentioned earlier, Komatsu are set to release a new electric digger to the market this year. Not just a small digger either, the Japanese company are rolling out an electric PC210 20-tonne tracked excavator. The PC210E will be powered by a lithium-ion battery system that’s been developed with the help of US company Proterra. This is just one of 22 new machines Komatsu revealed at the Bauma trade fair in 2022.

Another electric digger that Komatsu showcased was the PC01E-1. Which will be the company’s first battery operated micro excavator. This machine is currently available as a rental in Japan, but hopefully by the end of 2023 we’ll see it available across the world.

This month we’ve seen JCB unveil the world’s first hydrogen powered backhoe loader. The British government has approved use of the machine on UK roads, meaning it shouldn’t be too long until we see this JCB working away on construction sites.


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Information correct as of 22/02/23

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